Become a ConneXionsTM Mentor or Coach

LeaderSource identifies and equips pastors and ministry leaders from the U.S. and other nations with leadership experience and capacity to become ConneXionsTM Mentors or ConneXionsTM Coaches.

ConneXionsTM Mentors

ConneXionsTM Mentors have been introduced to our ConneXionsTM model of healthy leader development, desire to continue to learn more about it, and actively work to implement it in their own leader development practices.

Mentors are our friends and ministry partners who embrace the ConneXionsTM model, use it in their ministry context, and seek to follow God’s calling to increase their involvement in building healthy leadersTM in the future.

Mentor Requirements:

  • Have the heart of a learner and a servant.
  • Be in theological agreement with the core historical doctrines of Christianity.(Perfect doctrinal agreement with LeaderSource on everything is not required.)
  • Complete our “Building Healthy LeadersTM” and “Designing a Collage” courses.
  • Explore, practice, and share what you learn!

ConneXionsTM Coaches

ConneXionsTM Coaches are personally committed to the ConneXionsTM model of leader development. Additionally, they have the vision, experience and capacity to help other leaders embrace and implement the ConneXionsTM model in their leader development work.

It is our vision that the ConneXionsTM Coaches will catalyze a movement to change the way leaders are built and cared for which will produce a crop of healthy, holistic leaders for churches in the nations. This will lead to the rapid multiplication of healthy churches throughout the world which in turn will bring a greater harvest of souls and ultimately transform the nations!

Many of our ConneXionsTM coaches travel regularly to the nations to serve indigenous leaders from two perspectives:

  • Teaching the ConneXionsTM model to experienced leaders in the nations and coaching them to apply the principles and establish training processes that are indigenous to their own culture, community and environment.
  • Working with indigenous leaders in leader care – nurturing and encouraging them personally. One of the greatest needs among national leaders today is for spiritual fathers and mothers who personally invest in their lives.

Coach Requirements:

In addition to the ConneXionsTM Mentor requirements, Coaches should

  • Be seasoned leaders/teachers with capacities in both design and communication.
  • Actively use ConneXionsTM (design and implementation) in some form appropriate for their own context.
  • Have a long-term commitment to the ConneXionsTM model and a calling to share it with other leaders.
  • Make one or more trips a year with LeaderSource to other countries.
  • Attend one or two Coaches gatherings a year for further training, coordination and encouragement.
  • Be committed to ongoing learning, development of new ConneXionsTM resources, and encouragement of other Coaches.
  • Have the capacity to raise funds to pay for expenses related to their travel and further training.


ConneXionsTM Coaches and Mentors:
  • Are part of a diverse team who are working together on the complex issues of leader development, speaking the same language, learning from one another, serving leaders of growing church movements in the nations.
  • Receive continuous improvement of the models.
  • Are in continuous conversation: mutual encouragement and learning.
  • Receive invitations to focused learning events.
  • Have access to Leaderpedia - an “open source” collection of leadership learning experiences and ideas for leader development, based upon the ConneXionsTM model. Everything is contributed by, and accessible to, ConneXionsTM Mentors and Coaches.
  • Are part of a working alliance; this is not an authority structure.

Next Steps:

Are you interested in finding out more about our Mentor and Coach teams? Please contact us, or call us at 1-844-532-3371