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New Design Team Established in Asia

April 2016

As part of our Asia strategy, we have recently established a “Design Team.” This team consists of leaders, from around Asia, who have demonstrated that they have particular calling, gifting, and commitment to create holistic leader development design. There are three main goals for the team:

  1. Team members will grow in their own lives and design capacity to help build their own leaders and churches.
  2. Together they will create designs and tools to bless the entire church in Asia.
  3. The team members will be sent as teachers and consultants to many churches in Asia and other nations.

We have more than 30 leaders on the team who are already doing high-quality design in their own leader development work. Most are in their 20s and 30s and are intense and passionate about the team. Malcolm had his first meeting with the members of this team in March 2016. It was a highly productive time of deep thinking and design. Here are five specific things the team accomplished during this meeting:

  1. The members of the team created their first indigenous model. This is a particular model of how people interact with their environment in a creative way. It includes how to promote a culture that emphasizes learning and creativity.
  2. They also created a complete two-day training design for building a learning and creative culture in a church, leadership team or training program. The design and model really impressed our team and was far beyond what we were expecting.
  3. Along with the design, they also wrote their first song to encourage each other about designing effective leader development.
  4. They created a tool to evaluate and improve their own designs.
  5. Lastly, they created a system for file-sharing and communication.

So, in this first Design Team meeting we saw the creation of a model, a design, a song, a tool and a system!

There was a lot of excitement regarding this design team and Malcolm was deeply impressed at the ability of some of the members.

This design team is one of our next steps in Asia toward building high-level indigenous capacity to do holistic leader development. Our purpose in Asia has always been to nurture indigenous capacity. It’s a lot harder than simply giving them a series of courses to implement, but, in the long-term, it will be far more effective!

Please pray for our future meetings together with the design team and for the development of high capacity in team members!