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Super Bowl in Asia

February 2016

The following is a report from the trainer who conducts our sports camps in Asia.

What Was the Dream?

It was a dream to see men built up in their relationships, faith, and ministry in a way that would make an impact for years to come. I saw this happen in 10 days through the platform of a sports camp. Jesus was lifted up and I believe He cheered. As I reflected, I saw something more. I saw in the future a hundred thousand kids in cities scattered far and wide, along with coaches and families, whose lives will touched by an indelible, personal relationship with Jesus. This camp brought together 16 coaches, 38 boys, 3 coaching consultants, and 76 grateful and touched parents. Several boys turn their lives over to Christ for the first time. Many boys were shaped with a deeper character, trust of their parents, and most important they were impacted by men older than them who were and are living examples of life and truth.

The Challenges?

We certainly had some challenges and difficulties. It was the coldest week on history for that area. It started at 27 degrees and gradually got up to 45. It rained and even snowed a bit. I wore 3 layers on my legs and 4 layers up top. We had to change fields four times due to field conditions which involved walking over 1.5 hours each day. But our team kept persevering! On the final day it was sunny and 45 degrees on a beautiful, huge field! We experienced tremendous freedom. The coaches and boys were able to hear life stories, sing, do devotions, and watch a Christian-based football film.

The Fruit?

Below are three testimonies from parents on the changed life of their boys.

Testimony 1:

Praise the Lord for His goodness! My son says that now he understands my faith, and he wants to believe in Jesus too. The coaches’ life stories impacted him most greatly! He said that from these stories, he learned the crucial importance of right friends, the importance of team, and the importance of helping others. He learned that making mistakes is not the end of the world; what is important is whether you can learn from it and have the courage and boldness to face it and change it. In just a few days, my son learned so profoundly ‒ this greatly exceeded my expectation! I am truly amazed because just before the camp, he refused to go to church with me, and couldn't understand my faith. But coming back from the camp, he said to me, “Mom, you are right to believe in Jesus. I want to go to church with you and read the Bible with you!” In the past, when I prayed at the dining table, he would just superficially make some noise ‒ now he prays with me.

I am so grateful to God for His goodness and grace! Our God is truly living and real. He listens to our prayers. While my son was at the camp, I prayed that God would touch him and guide him, plant a seed of love in his heart, that he would experience the love of friends, of coaches and of his Heavenly Father and that he would be changed and transformed by this love. Last night as we prayed as a family at the dinner table, his dad wept. We are both so amazed that our son has changed so greatly in a week's time. Thank you so very much for all your labors! Thank you coaches for sharing your life!

Testimony 2:

Our son had the privilege to participate in this winter camp. For this our whole family is deeply grateful! He said that this was a very special experience in his life. It's about life and love, but it’s also full of fun! The life stories shared by the coaches impacted him profoundly and helped him to realize that God is so real and so near. He became personally much closer to God. He came to a deep realization that God is closely related to every part of his life. He was also deeply touched by the moments when all the coaches and the players humbled themselves before God and moved in the same spirit. He learned the crucial importance of the team and the need to listen to every team member's heart. The day after the camp, before we went sightseeing in the city, we prayed together as a family. For the first time in a very long time he prayed. He thanked the Lord for allowing him to attend the camp, for a closer relationship with God, and he asked for help to know God more deeply.

Our son's passion for football grows every day. Today, after finishing homework, he spent time studying the rules of the game. We are amazed at how greatly this camp has impacted our son. It has far exceeded our expectations! The work of God is so amazing and so wonderful! Not only are the kids so greatly impacted, but so are we as parents. We learned how important it is to nurture and raise our kids in the Lord. We also witnessed God's great love and power through this camp. Our deep gratitude again to all the coaches and staff for your hard labor of love! You have made an eternal impact in all those kids' lives. May God greatly reward you and bless you!

Testimony 3:

The changes that happened in my son are shockingly amazing! I can't imagine how your team did it! Last night, we were having dinner together, and I had just started moving my chopsticks. My son stopped me and said, “We have not given thanks to the Lord yet.” Wow. That was shocking! Previously, he was always so reluctant to go to church with me, and even when he did, he would never participate. Now he downloads the worship songs to his phone and sings “Hallelujah!” to the Lord all the time. He told me this week opened his eyes to the power of faith in God. It is totally different than what he had thought and understood in the past! He has also grown a lot in communication, taking responsibility, confidence, boldness, and faith! I even found him giving praise to God when he passed a test while playing a computer game! It's so amazing! He definitely wants to come back to the summer camp and aims to bring a team with him!