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Church and Family Life - Audio Teachings by Dr. Malcolm Webber


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  1. The Healthy Church

    CL 74 - What Is the Church and How Does the Church Meet? Part 2 04-15-2018: ( Stream | Download )
    What should happen when the church meets? What are the practical implications of this? How can we, as a church today, meet the same way that the New Testament church did? Revolutionary stuff!

    CL 73 - What Is the Church and How Does the Church Meet? Part 1 04-08-2018: ( Stream | Download )
    The first in a two-part study on what a "church" is, what "church life" is, and how the church meets. Our source for understanding church life is not the latest trends but the eternal Word of God! In particular, Acts 2:42-47 and Ephesians 4:15-16 give clear and powerful direction. Revolutionary stuff!

    CL 72 - The Healthy Church Lifestyle - 01-07-2018: ( Stream | Download )
    A healthy church is one in which every member is functioning properly. In such a church, what are the roles of the staff? And in what ways should every member function? And, practically, what can this look like in everyone's daily life?

    CL 71 - Speaking From The Heart - 11-19-2017: ( Stream | Download )
    Around the world there is so much pain between the generations; there is disappointment, hurt and brokenness. But today  we heard such wonderful affirmation. There was the recognition of disappointment and hurt, but also a deep recognition of the good and a sincere gratitude for the good. In spite of the struggles, there was still a deep thankfulness from one generation to the other. That’s so healthy!

    CL 70 - The Living Church - 11-12-2017: ( Stream | Download )
    We are invited together into the eternal experience of God's presence, His fellowship, His self-giving love. We're invited to look at Him, to know Him. And this happens together. Together, as His people, we experience His fullness. And out of His life in us, we express His love. This is the meaning of our relationships together in the church. This is the source and the nature of our unity together. It's Him - His life, His presence, His love.

    CL 69 - What Is A Multicultural Church? - 11-05-2017: ( Stream | Download )
    What's a "multicultural church" and is it a biblical idea? In reality, the churches in the New Testament were all multicultural. Moreover, God's vision for His redeemed people has always been that they would be one, united in Him, serving and preferring one another. This should be the vision of every church!

    The Multi Cultural Church - Alex Anderson - 10-15-2017: ( Stream | Download )
    We need to start with the end in mind.  Rev 7:9 tells us that John, "saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before The Lamb."  Heaven is a place where every culture, every language, and every people group, will be represented.  His church is to be a replica of what Heaven will be like.  Yes, we still have our preferences but our preferences should never become prejudices.  If my preference turns into prejudice, then something is very wrong.  Our fears and prejudices will prevent us from doing what God wants us to do.

    CL 68 - Some Practical Paths For God's Church - 10-08-2017: ( Stream | Download )
    Through the centrality of Jesus Christ, everyone grows in God and we become a people of His presence.  One life, one truth, one family, one vision.  "Let all things be done for building up".

    CL 67 - God's Vision For His Church - 10-01-2017: ( Stream | Download )
    God's vision is for His church to be a healthy church through the indwelling life and presence of Christ in every member.  Through the indwelling life of Christ, every member grows, builds others, reaches out, and serves others.  

  2. Marriage:

    CL 56 - How to Have a Blessed Marriage: ( Stream | Download )
    The key to a blessed marriage is the cross. When we embrace the cross, we will love and respect our spouses as God intended. If we do not embrace the cross we will continue in frustration and disappointment.

    CL 65 - The Most Common Crime Of Marriage: ( Stream | Download )
    The most common crime in marriage is trying to change your spouse into the image of what you want him or her to be. This is not what God has called you to do. Your spouse probably does need to change, but that's the ministry of the Holy Spirit, not the Holy Spouse!

  3. Fatherhood:

    CL 26 - God: Our Model of Fatherhood: ( Stream | Download )
    The Fatherhood of God is our perfect model of fatherhood.

    CL 27 - The Father's Image: ( Stream | Download )
    One of the callings of fathers is to reveal the image of the heavenly Father. (NOTE: Due to a microphone failure, the audio of this teaching is of poor quality.  The final 9:43 is difficult to listen to.)

    CL 41 - Father's Day: ( Stream | Download )
    A number of exemplary fathers from Living Faith share their thoughts.

    CL 48 - An Open Door: ( Stream | Download )
    God has opened for us some amazing doors! We must deal with our lives so we can respond. This teaching especially deals with fathers.

    CL 50 - Fatherhood: ( Stream | Download )
    Here is a close look at the responsibilities of the father. “A king, realizing his incompetence, can either delegate or abdicate his duties. A father can do neither.”

    CL 51 - Serving Our Sons and Daughters: ( Stream | Download )
    God's desire for His children is that they excel in every way (John 14:12). To that end, Jesus came to the earth to serve us (Matt. 20:20-28). He was our example of true servant leaderhip and true spiritual fatherhood. The godly father (and mother) gives primary attention to the building of the next generation - in the home and in the church.

    CL 55 - Some Tensions in Fathering: ( Stream | Download )
    Deals with some of the common tensions in fathering: (1) provision without spoiling, (2) time spent providing for the family or time spent with the family, (3) action or reflection, (4) loving and accepting without being permissive, and (5) discipline without being angry or abusive.

  4. Youth:

    CL 59 - Youth's Opportunity, Challenges and Mandate: ( Stream | Download )
    Our young people can change the world; youth have changed the world in the past! But they must overcome serious challenges and respond to the divine mandate. (6/3/2007)

    CL 60 - 2007 ConneXions Graduation: ( Stream | Download )
    Testimonies of life change from ten participants in the 2007 ConneXions year at Living Faith.

  5. The Christian Family
    These eight teachings discuss the Biblical balance between divine order and the divine presence in the Christian family.  (Note:  There are portions of these recordings that are of poor quality.  Please do not skip over them because of the audio quality.)
    CL 19-1 - The Christian Family - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 19-2 - The Christian Family - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 19-3 - The Christian Family - Part 3: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 19-4 - The Christian Family - Part 4: ( Stream | Download )
    (Note:  There is an undertimined amount of time missing at 42 minutes into this recording.  3 Seconds of silence have been placed there.

    CL 19-5 - Spiritual Friendships - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 19-6 - Spiritual Friendships - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 19-7 - The Divine Order and Presence: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 19-8 - Biblical Family Structure: ( Stream | Download )

  6. CL 20 - The Spiritual Man
    These six teachings deal with the problems affecting men today, society's false models of manhood, and the Biblical models of fatherhood and husbandhood.
    CL 20-1 - The Problem: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 20-2 - False Models of Manhood: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 20-3 - Absentee Fathers: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 20-4 - The Biblical Model of Fatherhood: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 20-5 - The Biblical Model of Husbandhood - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 20-6 - The Biblical Model of Husbandhood - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

  7. CL 21 - Spiritual Leadership in the Home
    What is spiritual leadership and what does it look like in the home?
    CL 21-1 - Leaders Go For The Highest: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 21-2 - Leaders Capture the Hearts of Their Followers with a Vision: ( Stream | Download )

  8. CL 24 - Hospitality: Change Someone's World
    Here is a radical but simple New Testament vision for reaching out in church life to those in the body and to the lost.
    CL 24-1 - Hospitality: Change Someone's World - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 24-2 - Hospitality: Change Someone's World - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

  9. CL 6 - Dealing With Conflict
    America’s churches are filled with interpersonal conflict. We must understand the nature of conflict and how to effectively deal with it.
    CL 6-1 - The Nature Of Conflict: ( Stream | Download )
    (There is an undetermined amount of audio missing at 25:58 into this teaching.  Three seconds of silence have been inserted there to note it's absence.)

    CL 6-2 - Incorrect Responses To Conflict: ( Stream | Download )
    (There is an undetermined amount of audio missing at 41:01 into this teaching. Three seconds of silence have been inserted there to note it's absence.)

    CL 6-3 - Correct Responses To Conflict: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 6-4 - Conflict Resolution: ( Stream | Download )

  10. Women and Leadership in The Church
    This is a systematic and balanced Biblical study of the role of women in leadership and ministry in the church.
    CL 33-1 - Equal, But Different: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 33-2 - Men Are Leaders of Church and Home: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 33-3 - Women Do Minister and Lead in the Bible - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 33-4 - Women Do Minister and Lead in the Bible - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 33-5 - Avoiding Extremes: ( Stream | Download )

  11. CL 34 - Men as Shepherds
    This is a comprehensive study of the role of men as responsible and effective shepherds in the home and church.
    CL 34-1 - A Call to Work: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 34-2 - Men and Character: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 34-3 - Good Shepherds - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 34-4 - Good Shepherds - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )
    (Note:  There are several audio drop-outs in this recording due to deterioration of the original tape recordings.  No silent time has been deleted from the drop-outs.)

    CL 34-5 - The Importance of The Word of God - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 34-6 - The Importance of The Word of God - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 34-7 - Biblical Examples of Male Pasivity: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 34-8 - The Heart of The Shepherd: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 34-9 - Wanted: Faithful Shepherds: ( Stream | Download )

    CL 35 - A Woman's Perspective on Men as Shepherds: ( Stream | Download )
    Eight women from Living Faith Fellowship share their thoughts on men as shepherds.  NOTE: There is missing audio at 37:39 into this recording.  Five seconds of silence have been placed there to note it's absence.)

  12. Church Life:

    CL 1 - The Resurected Church: ( Stream | Download )
    God is in the resurection business!  He resurrects individuals, nations and churches.

    CL 2 - The Love of The Brethren: ( Stream | Download )
    We manifest the presence of the otherwise invisible God when we love one another.   (Some audio in this recording is very poor quality)

    CL 3 - One Loaf in Christ: ( Stream | Download )
    It is only together that we posess the Lord Jesus in His fullness.

    CL 4 - Recovering Your Vision: ( Stream | Download )
    If your vision has grown dim because of church conflict or disappointment, then take it up again and go for it!

    CL 5 - Our Gifts Are For Serving: ( Stream | Download )
    God didn’t give us gifts to build “ministries” but to serve one another.

    CL 8 - In Anticipation of Jesus' Return - INCOMPLETE: ( Stream | Download )
    The communion of the bread and cup, the love feast, and marriage are all done in anticipation of Jesus’ return.  (Note: There is some time missing in this recording close to the end.  Then, the original recording ends abruptly after about 25:13 into the recording.)

    CL 9 - Prophetic Ministry In The Church: ( Stream | Download )
    This is a comprehensive discussion of prophetic ministry in the church.

    CL 10 - Your Place In The Church: ( Stream | Download )
    For the church to come to maturity we all need to function in the places God has set us and with the gifts He has given us.

    CL 11 - The Equipping TRAK: ( Stream | Download )
    This lays out the equipping process that is in place for the training of God’s people to be an effective part of His army.

    CL 12 - The Church Needs You: ( Stream | Download )
    Every member of the body has a vital contribution to make. In particular, our young people need us to mentor them.

    CL 13 - Your Life Counts!: ( Stream | Download )
    You are God’s workmanship. He has given you a calling and purpose, and you will only be fulfilled and fruitful when you find and do it.

    CL 14 - Power and Unity in the Multi-Cultural Church: ( Stream | Download )
    The vision for a multicultural church.

    CL 17 - The Suffering Church: ( Stream | Download )
    A sober report on the suffering church around the world.

    CL 18 - What Would You Do?: ( Stream | Download )
    What if you were called upon to suffer for Jesus, as many are? (Note: The first 7:20 of this recording is of poor quality.)

    CL 25 - Love: The Greatest of All: ( Stream | Download )
    Love is God’s ultimate message.  This teaching is a reflection on 1 Corinthians 13.

    CL 28 - Insecure Leaders and the People Who Follow Them: ( Stream | Download )
    Without followers, there would be no abusive leaders! If you have ever been in a dysfunctional church, this teaching will set you free! See also Malcolm's book on abusive leadership.

    CL 29 - The Persecuted Church and Our Responsibility to Them: ( Stream | Download )
    Around the world, many believers are suffering. What is our responsibility to them?

    CL 30 - The Nature of Ministry in The Local Church: ( Stream | Download )
    According to the New Testament every member of the local church is a “minister” – not only a few “professionals.” We all have the responsibility to serve according to our calling and gifting.

    CL 31 - The Place of The Home in The New Testament Church: ( Stream | Download )
    The New Testament church met in homes. This teaching gives five reasons why a healthy church will have a healthy home life.

    CL 32 - The Daily Reality of Church Life: ( Stream | Download )
    Church life not only happens at “church.” In fact, most of the time it happens outside of “church”! we need to rediscover the simplicity and power of real church life.

    CL 36 - The Purpose of Unity in The Church Community: ( Stream | Download )
    This is a Study in Philippians 2.  Jesus showed us the path to true unity: giving and dying! This is a powerful teaching.

    CL 37 - The Bread and The Cup: ( Stream | Download )
    The communion of the Bread and Cup has great power in the community of believers – power to kill and power to give life!

    CL 38 - A Healthy Body: ( Stream | Download )
    A healthy local church is one in which every member functions.  (NOTE: For this teaching Bro Malcolm was walking with crutches and his leg was in a cast due to a recent surgery on his ankle.)

    CL 39 - The Power of Affirmation: ( Stream | Download )
    A simple but powerful revelation of the power you have to minister life and strength to your spiritual family around you.

    CL 40 - Healthy Believers in The Church: ( Stream | Download )
    A healthy believer is one who takes personal responsibility to think and to act in the Body of Christ. Down with passivity! The church must live!

    CL 42 - Life to The Full: ( Stream | Download )
    A believer who “lives life to the full” has a thankful heart, is a giver, and serves.

    CL 43 - The Cost of Community: ( Stream | Download )
    It is easier to talk about true New Testament community than to actually live it. Servanthood is one preeminent characteristic of community and its great cost.

    CL 44 - The Pursuit of Community: ( Stream | Download )
    “He who loves community destroys community. He who loves the brothers builds community” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer). What we need is not a commitment to an ideology or a vision, but a commitment to people. But it’s not just a commitment to people alone but primarily it’s a commitment to God, or else the church is just a social club. True community is an expression of divine life. It comes from redemption. Out of commitment to Him and love for Him we love each other.

    CL 45 - The Essence of The Christian Lifestyle: ( Stream | Download )
    The heart of Christian reality is to love one another; not just in word, but in deed.

    CL 49 - Eating The Bread of Life Together: ( Stream | Download )
    In His revelation of Himself to and through His body of believers – just like the loaf that Jesus broke and divided among His disciples – He gives Himself piece by piece. Therefore, we need each other!

    CL 52 - God's Purpose is the Building of His Church: ( Stream | Download )
    The New Testament does not affirm our individualistic approach to the Christian life. In our religious culture, the goal is individual maturity and one means to that end is church life. Biblically, however, the goal is church maturity and one means to that end is individual growth. Biblically, spiritual life and spiritual maturity are corporate experiences. Thus, Jesus' purpose is to build His church - to prepare His bride, to mature His body, to build His house - not just to have a relationship with individual Christians. This is the purpose of God and this is the work of God on the earth now - the building of His church. Our relationships are not secondary issues. Our life together is what constitutes true Christianity.

    CL 53 - Recognizing the Body of the Lord: ( Stream | Download )
    Our life together is what constitutes true Christianity, and when we do not give proper attention to our life together we run into trouble.

    CL 54 - Our Life Together: ( Stream | Download )
    Sunday morning meetings do not constitute the entirety of our life together!

    CL 58 - A Lamb for a House: ( Stream | Download )
    In the Western world, we think of salvation almost entirely in individualistic terms - that the individual, as one person totally distinct from everyone else, gets saved. Certainly as individuals we are each responsible for our own walk with God; nevertheless, there is also a strong sense of community and specifically of family in the Scriptures. When God made His covenant with men, He did not make it just with a particular individual, but He made it with that person and his family.

    CL 61 - God Pursues Those Who Run: ( Stream | Download )
    God pursues those who hide, those who run from Him. He doesn't reject them; He pursues them. These are the ways of God. And they should be our ways also - especially when it involves our spouses and children! They need our love; let's get over our pride and wounded self-love, and go after them!

    CL 62 - You Have Work To Do: ( Stream | Download )
    For the whole church to come to maturity, every member has work to do. But Christians let this slide for many reasons: the enemy's lies, discouragement, distractions. You must overcome these things. There are eternal lives that count on YOU to complete the work God has given you.

    CL 63 - Jesus Calls The Children To Himself: ( Stream | Download )
    Around the world, most Christians believe in ministry to children but not too many give it a great priority. But is this God's attitude? The Scrtiptures show us that children can know God, children can walk with God, children can serve God. And if we build children who know God, then we are making probably the greatest possible investment in the church - both now and for the future.

    CL 66 - Forgiveness: The Path Of Life: ( Stream | Download )
    Our forgiveness of others has its source in God's forgiveness of us. If God forgives us so wonderfully, how much more (since it's so much less) should we forgive each other - in marriage, in church life, in friendships, at the workplace? Forgiveness is the path of life - between you and God, between you and others.

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