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Exposition of Philippians - Audio Teachings by Dr. Malcolm Webber

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  1. PH 1 - Christ Builds Community - Philippians 2:1-4 ( Stream | Download )
    In the western church, Christianity is largely understood as an individual thing - a personal transaction between the individual and God. Consequently, Christian maturity is also understood, largely, in individual terms - the individual learns and grows in an essentially individualized learning environment and then, as he matures, he lives his life as a Christian, performs his ministry and fulfills his personal calling. In the New Testament, however, there is a very close relationship between the church and the believers maturing union with Christ. Christ builds Community! The inward life of Jesus in you is expressed in self-giving love, true servanthood in community.

  2. PH 2 - True Giving - Philippians 4:10-19 ( Stream | Download )
    The Philippians were an extraordinary example of true giving. As new believers they generously gave out of their surrender to Jesus, as an act of self-giving love, at their own initiative, urgently, out of extreme poverty and in the midst of severe persecution and uncertainty. That is true giving!

  3. PH 3 - Jesus' True Giving - Philippians 2:5-11 ( Stream | Download )
    Although Jesus was God, He willingly emptied Himself of the "form" of God and the rights of His preexistent glory and came in the form of a servant, obeying His Father even to the point of the terrible death of the cross. He did this for us; He did not look to His own interests, but to ours, serving us with the extraordinary and perfect example of self-giving love.

  4. PH 4 - Paul's True Giving - Philippians 1:12-26 ( Stream | Download )
    Paul understood everything that happened to him according to how it brought glory to God and help to the lives of others. He was a true giver, a true servant. He did not serve himself; he always, and only, served others. And, in doing so, he was indestructible!

  5. PH 5 - The Privilege of Suffering for Jesus - Philippians 1:27-30 ( Stream | Download )
    God has given us His gift of life and He now gives us the privilege of giving our lives back to Him, as we trust Him in the midst of opposition and sufferings. The privilege of suffering for Jesus has always been the promise of God to those He loves.

  6. PH 6 - The Affection of Jesus Christ - Philippians 1:3-8 ( Stream | Download )
    True self-giving love is with affection. Paul deeply loved the saints he served with the love of Jesus. He did not merely endure God's people as a ministry duty - he cared deeply for them. This characterizes healthy ministry and healthy leaders.

  7. PH 7 - Working Out your Salvation - Philippians 1:9-11, 2:12 ( Stream | Download )
    In 1:9-11 is a clear articulation of the purpose of God for every believer. In 2:12, we serve God "with fear and trembling."  So, do we love God or do we fear Him - or both?

  8. PH 8 - God Works in You to Will and to Act - Philippians 2:12-16 ( Stream | Download )
    Complaining (involving self-pity) and arguing (involving self-justification) are the very opposite of true servanthood - they are the expressions of our own self-will, fighting for what we want,rather than putting others first. To give these up is at the heart of new life in Christ.

  9. PH 9 - Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility 1 - Philippians 2:12-13 ( Stream | Download )
    The relationship between Divine sovereignty and human responsibility is one of the great mysteries of the Christian faith.  Around the world, for centuries, this has been an issue of confusion and division. However, Biblically, this mystery can be solved quite simply!

  10. PH 10 - Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility 2 - Philippians 2:12-13 ( Stream | Download )
    When you embrace both Biblical realities - Divine sovereignty and human responsibility - you don't lose anything. It's awin-win! You get the best of both. You will have the peace and assurance of the sovereignty of God along with a healthy fear of God and a redeeming view of failure, and you will have the initiative and aggressive action of the responsibility of man.

  11. PH 11 - Eternal Security - Part 1 - Philippians 2:12-13 ( Stream | Download )
    Can a believer lose his salvation, or is he eternally  secure?  This is a very controversial and divisive issue in the church. Yet, the  question is clearly answered in the Scripture.

  12. PH 12 - Eternal Security - Part 2 - Philippians 2:12-13 ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching deals with the nature and process of apostasy as well as the "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit."

  13. PH 13 - Pressing On to Win the Prize - Philippians 3:10-14 ( Stream | Download )
    Paul's cry is to know union with the Lord Jesus in His death and thus in His resurrection life and power. If earthly athletes pushthemselves so single-mindedly and so hard for a gold medal and a few days of fame, how much more should we pursue Christ with all our hearts? Forget the past (good and bad) and look at the future - look at Him!

  14. PH 14 - Growing in Christ - Philippians 3:10-11 ( Stream | Download )
    We want to grow in Christ and build others in Christ, but, practically, how do we actually do this? This teaching presents a simple, but powerful, model of life transformation.

  15. PH 15 - Self-Giving Leadership - Philippians 2:17-30 ( Stream | Download )
    Three magnificent examples of self-giving love - Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus - show us clearly the nature of true servanthood, of self-giving leadership.

  16. PH 16 -Honoring the Leaders in Your Life - Part 1 - Philippians 2:29 ( Stream | Download )
    We live in a time and culture where disrespect toward leaders runs rampant.  This practical teaching deals with who we are to honor and specifically how we can honor them. (Note: The first 29 seconds is of poor quality.)

  17. PH 17 -Honoring the Leaders in Your Life - Part 2 - Philippians 2:29 ( Stream | Download )
    It's easy to honor leaders who are leading well. But what about leaders who are not leading well? This can create moral dilemmas for believers. This teaching looks at the believer's appropriate relationship to bad authorities.

  18. PH 18 - Self-Serving Leaders and the True Prize - Philippians 3:1-10 ( Stream | Download )
    After dealing with the false teachers, Paul moves into some extraordinaryteaching on knowing God. To know the Lord Jesus is the greatest prize, far surpassing everything else in this life.

  19. PH 19 - What Does It Mean to Know God? - Philippians 3:10 ( Stream | Download )
    To know God is eternal life, our highest purpose and calling. But what does it mean to “know God”? In the midst of much confusion in the church on this subject, the Scriptures provide a clear and powerful understanding of what union with Christ means.

  20. PH 20 - Experiencing Gods Presence - Philippians 3:10 ( Stream | Download )
    We can live with the inward experience of fellowship with the Lord Jesus by His Spirit both consciously and continuously. In fact, we must experience His indwelling Presence to live in victory.

  21. PH 21 - The Presence of God in the Fire - Philippians 3:10 ( Stream | Download )
    Experiencing God in the midst of suffering is one of the great privileges of this life. Looking at Him, walking with Him, knowing His Presence - in the midst of suffering - is one of the great meanings and one of the great opportunities of this life.

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