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  1. Marriage

    Part 1 - The Mystery of Marriage - Jim Tyson: ( Stream | Download )
    The purpose of marriage is more than just the joining of a man and a woman- it is a high calling and based on a holy covenant.  Marriage was created to be a reflection of the relationship between Christ and His bride, the Church.  In this message we take a deeper look at the calling and covenant of marriage and several steps to maintain our commitment to it .

    Part 2 - 489, No Record of Wrong - Ben Stoffel: ( Stream | Download )
    But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    Part 3 - Our Marriage was Made in Heaven - Joe Turnpaugh: ( Stream | Download )
    Our relationship through all the seasons of our lives is a committment based in the love of God in our lives.

    Part 4 - Husbands Love Your Wives - Ben Stoffel: ( Stream | Download )
    Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Does this describe your marriage?

  2. Life On Track
    Allowing Christ to reign in our lives means that we must yield all areas of our life to him.  This series introduces six major categories of life that should be on track with God.  Vision retreats and Wednesday night opportunities are specifically aligned to the six categories to provide practical resources for people who wish to take a next step.
    Part 1 - Direction Determines Destination - Ben Stoffel: ( Stream | Download )
    Joshua led his people to turn directions and make changes in their lives.  Looking at Joshua 24, we see that intentions are not sufficient unless we are able to change our direction and turn towards God.  Your direction determines your destination; not your intentions.

    Part 2 - Direction Determines Destination - Ben Stoffel: ( Stream | Download )
    The Holy Spirit, like a GPS, lives in you to turn your heart in every way towards Christ.  As we reach out to God, he will help us to get back on track and stay on track in every area of our lives.   It’s not about perfection, it’s about direction.  We are not perfect in every area of life, but is every area of our life pointed towards Christ (Phil. 3:12-14)?

    Part 3 - Life on Track; Career and Calling - Jason hill: ( Stream | Download )
    Life on Track is not easy, but God wants us to rely on Him through every season of life. We were created for eternity, but God uses the seasons of life to prepare us for this high calling.

    Part 4 - The Family - Jim Tyson: ( Stream | Download )
    The family was created by God to reveal His glory and, from the beginning, He established that His covenant of salvation would be revealed through families.  Keep the covenant “on track” in your family by making Godly decisions.

  3. The Path of Biblical Stewardship

    Understanding Biblical Prosperity - Part 1 - Jason Hill: ( Stream | Download )
    God deeply desires to bless his people.  On our end we must Seek Him first, believe he is a rewarder of those who seek Him, and we must be faithful with what he has given us.

    Understanding Biblical Prosperity - Part 2 - Jason Hill: ( Stream | Download )
    As we seek God with all our hearts knowing that he rewards those who seek him, we must be excellent stewards of whatever He has blessed us with.  One important aspect that goes hand in hand is wisdom precedes wealth.  There are very practical principles in Proverbs that talk of the benefits of following God with all our hearts.

    Understanding Biblical Prosperity - Part 3 - Mark Longcor: ( Stream | Download )
    There are attitudes or actions which will block God's principles of financial blessings in our lives. In this teaching we explore 5 key barriers to financial blessings from God.

    Understanding Biblical Prosperity - Part 4 - Mark Longcor: ( Stream | Download )
    How do we Biblically perpetuate the wealth God blesses us with to our children and their children?  In this teaching we explore the key requirements to perpetuating God's prosperity.

  4. A Mind Set Free

    A Mind Set Free - Faith vs. Fear - Ben Stoffel: ( Stream | Download )
    “Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed”—Romans 4.  Are you facing any situations that are hopeless?  Take heart, God has a track record of successfully navigating hopeless situations.  God is faithful and will always be.  Therefore, we can have faith in God and need not fear the False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).

    A Mind Set Free - Victory Through The Word - Paul Comino: ( Stream | Download )
    We have been given the very words of God Himself, so we can do like Abraham and ‘face the facts’, however bad they are, and still believe.  An excellent teaching on why we can trust our life to the Word of God.

    A Mind Set Free - Wrestling in Prayer to Victory - Patty Katzer: ( Stream | Download )
    "If the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?" How we deal with the questions that arise in our times of struggle will determine whether we will have a mind set free or a mind in bondage to fear and bitterness.

  5. Paul Comino

    Its A Fight - Paul Comino: ( Stream | Download )
    Unless we understand that God has called us to fight, we, like the children of Israel, will wander in the desert

    Remember The Poor - Paul Comino: ( Stream | Download )
    God said that we should be careful to remember the poor.  Exactly who are the poor and why does God care about them so much?

    The Healing Of The Nations - Paul Comino: ( Stream | Download )
    We give life because we have life!In a beautiful word picture the Bible describes the tree of life, both in Revelations and Ezekiel, as a tree whose existence comes from being rooted by the river of life, a tree that never withers, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations.  We are that tree!

    The Power to Choose - Paul Comino: ( Stream | Download )
    A simple and effective presentation of Gods’ invitation to all mankind.  From the very beginning God gave man the power to choose.  Find out about the "big lie" that we all believed, and that many still believe – the lie that will stop us from going on in God.

    The Better Part - Paul Comino: ( Stream | Download )
    Did you know that it was Mary who moved the very heart of God to perform the most remarkable miracle in all of the gospels?  In this riveting account from the life of Mary, you will find out what the Lord found in her that so moved Him.

    Perfectly Free: ( Stream | Download )

    First Century New Testament Church Life: ( Stream | Download )

    The Error of the Lawless - Paul Comino: ( Stream | Download )
    This message is not for the faint of heart!  Get ready to understand exactly what the insidious ‘error of the lawless’ is, who the lawless are, and how this error is affecting your life.........and, get ready to be set free!

  6. Dick Dungan

    Living as a Son of God Through Affliction: ( Stream | Download )
    Life and death are never truely separate.  When we go through affliction we need to realize that we are completely dependant on those who love us.  God will not leave us as orphans.

    Don't Sell Your Birthright Like Esau: ( Stream | Download )

    Hope - Confident Expectation: ( Stream | Download )

  7. David Green

    God's Love In Action - David Green: ( Stream | Download )
    Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

    Because I Love You - David Green: ( Stream | Download )
    Leading a life of obedience to the Lord does not have to be a burdensome existence. If we serve Him with the right motivation, we find that His yoke is indeed easy and His burden light (Matthew 11:30). In this message we take a look at what it means to obey God simply because of our love for Him. We examine 5 practical principles that show how we can obey the Lord and in return live the truly blessed life which is one filled with God's love and His presence. Because I love you, Lord, it is my joy to serve and follow you!

    The Whole Armor of God - David Green: ( Stream | Download )
    There are four questions we must answer to understand Ephesians 6:10-18.  First, whose armor and power do we fight with?  Secondly, what is the nature of our battle?  Thirdly, What armor do we have available to us?  And fourthly, How do we apply this armor?

    The Body At Work: ( Stream | Download )

  8. Bill Frisbie

    Seed and Soil: ( Stream | Download )
    The parable of the sower and how it fits our lives.

    God's Way, Our Response: ( Stream | Download )
    How do we respond when God acts in ways we don’t understand and find offensive?  Bill draws from both the older and new testament stories as well as his own experience, to provide challenging insights to our own responses to situations we are in today.

  9. Jason Hill

    The Myth Of The Perfect Christian - Part 1 - Jason Hill: ( Stream | Download )
    We are surrounded by a world that seeks perfection in status, wealth, and materialism. As Christians what does the Bible have to say on this subject?

    The Myth Of The Perfect Christian - Part 2 - Jason Hill: ( Stream | Download )
    We were created for excellence not perfection. Excellence is not perfectionism, legalism, or materialism. By exploring the word of God we will find the balance of what excellence really is.

    Relentless Love - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )
    We will have trials and tribulations, but by realizing God's relentless love for us we can actually rejoice in tough times while having a peace in knowing He is in control.

    Relentless Love - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )
    As we accept God's love for us, we in turn have no choice, but to pursue Him with a relentless love. Our walk with Christ should be action packed as we fight a divided, lukewarm heart.

  10. Patty Katzer

    Prayer and Fasting - Patty Katzer: ( Stream | Download )
    Why do we fast?  Jesus expects us to fast and pray; Fasting helps us groan; fasting breaks the power of the flesh; fasting brings breakthrough; fasting prepares us for ministry; fasting is a lifestyle of consecration.  Fasting draws us closer to Jesus, helps us experience deep longings for eternity, gives victory over the flesh, gives spiritual victory and answers to prayer, an effective ministry and a lifestyle of seeking God.

    Revelation 3:18- Gold refined in the fire: ( Stream | Download )
    The fire is the trial we are going through; the gold is Heaven’s resourcesWhat is this gold refined in the fire?  It is The transformational power of heaven at work in us as we yield to Jesus.Where do we get this gold?  From Jesus as we go through the fire.What does this gold cost?  1.  Nothing- It is free  2. Everything- It costs us the self-lifeIt is our choice.  If we want to buy this gold, we may need to change.  It is our choice.

  11. Adam Stoffel

    More Than A Conqueror - Adam Stoffel: ( Stream | Download )
    Are we simply being survivors or are we being conquerors?  Are we reacting to events by just trying to get through or are we being proactive and choosing to be engaged by looking for ways to take ground from the enemy?

  12. Michael Sullivant

    Rivers of Delight - Michael Sullivant: ( Stream | Download )
    Delighted => Delightful => Delight   -   We become delighted which creates a new way of being and leads to becoming delightful which is a new style of relating, and then we delight which is a new power of doing.

    Establishing a Kingdom Context for Prophetic Ministry - Michael Sullivant: ( Stream | Download )

  13. Joe Turnpaugh

    God's Tuning Fork - Joe Turnpaugh: ( Stream | Download )
    God's tuning fork keeps each one of us tuned into the others in the church.  Are you listening to God's tuning fork?

    God's Gifts - Joe Turnpaugh: ( Stream | Download )
    “A prophet is without honor only in his hometown, among his relatives, and in his own home.”  Do we dishonor God's gifts to others in the body of Christ simply because we know who they are, where they live, and who their parents and siblings are?  What blessings do we miss out on when we do?

    A Heart After God - Joe Turnpaugh: ( Stream | Download )
    Do you have a heart after God?

  14. Jim Tyson

    Marriage: The Great Mystery - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus and the NT writers refer to Jewish betrothal customs as part of the revelation of God/’s eternal plan for marriage.  It is our privilege and responsibility through marriage to reflect Jesus and His Bride , the Church.

    Marriage: The Great Mystery - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus acquired His Bride through humility.  He exemplifies this foundational attitude needed in our marriage relationship.

    The Open Door - Bringing Focus Into Our Lives 1 - Jim Tyson: ( Stream | Download )
    Focusing on Jesus will help bring us into fellowship with Him. The cares of life tempt us to look away but as we gaze on Him we will be encouraged and strengthened. This message looks at who we are in Christ.

    The Open Door - Bringing Focus Into Our Lives 2 - Jim Tyson: ( Stream | Download )
    We are invited into a deeper fellowship with the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit as we experience the sufferings of Christ. Since most of our challenges emerge from relationships in our daily lives, biblical principles will enable us to respond with the love of Christ.

  15. Robert Walter

    Alone In A Crowd - Robert Walter: ( Stream | Download )
    How true is it for me to say to God, "My heart is yours"?  Are there areas of our lives where we have placed, "No Trespassing", signs for God and/or others?

    Our Jubilee Is Jesus: ( Stream | Download )

  16. Brokenness - Micah Wyman ( Stream | Download )
    A song written and performed by Micah Wyman

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