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Healing - Audio Teachings by Dr. Malcolm Webber


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  1. H 35 - Healthy Faith for Healing ( Stream | Download )
    The clear statement of Daniel 3:16-18 helps us avoid unbiblical extremes regarding healing.

  2. H 34 - Extremes in Divine Healing ( Stream | Download )
    A study of two extreme positions related to divine healing. We must stay with the balanced teaching of the Scriptures!

  3. H 33 - Redemption: Purchased, Received and Applied ( Stream | Download )
    Redemption was purchased in full on the cross (1 Pet. 1:18-19), is received in full when you receive Christ (Eph. 1:7-8), and will be applied in full at the resurrection (Rom. 8:23). A proper understanding of these time frames will keep you from the errors of extreme faith on the one hand and fatalistic passivity on the other.

  4. H 32 - Salvation and the Healing of the Body: Two Extremes ( Stream | Download )
    An examination of the relationship between salvation and the healing of the body. Physical healing is made possible in this life through the Atonement (Is. 53), while the full redemption of our bodies is still future (Rom. 8). This Biblical balance explains why it is that everyone can be forgiven and receives eternal life, but not everyone is healed physically.

  5. H 31 - Are You Christ-Seeking or Self-Seeking ( Stream | Download )
    Are you seeking your own interests or are you seeking Him?  Ifyou are deeply comitted to Christ: (1) The healing is not the main thing - His glory is; (2) You will serve Him whether He heals you or not; (3) You will shine like the stars of the universe.  Thisis true faith for healing.

  6. H 30 - The Power of One Miracle ( Stream | Download )
    In Acts and in Jesus' ministry we see the incredible effect of just one miracle, in transforming entire regions. So, you must pray for the sick! Let's see this miracle!

  7. H 29 - Delay Is Not Denial! ( Stream | Download )
    We don't like to wait. But some times God deliberately slows things down - for His own purposes and glory. So don't give up! Delay is not denial.

  8. H 28 - All of Us Can See the Sick Healed! ( Stream | Download )
    We can all minister with authority and victory to those around us. We can all see the sick healed and demons cast out!

  9. H 27 - The Healing Power of the Word of God ( Stream | Download )
    God's Word has the power to heal our bodies and to set us free from demonic oppression. This oppression may be spiritual or physical, and God's Word is the cure for both.

  10. H 26 - Biblically Balanced Faith ( Stream | Download )
    An extremely important teaching on the biblical balance between aggressive faith and surrender to God's sovereign purposes. This teaching corrects the imbalances of fatalism on one hand and extreme faith on the other. Highly recommended - especially for those who have been under an extreme faith teaching.

  11. H 25 - The Full Sharing of the Gospel ( Stream | Download )
    The “Full Gospel” is accompanied by the power of God.   (Note: There is an unknown amount of time missing from the beginning of this recording.)

  12. H 24 - Sin and Sickness; Forgiveness and Healing ( Stream | Download )
    Sickness is part of the punishment of man’s sin. On the cross, Jesus shed His precious blood and satisfied God’s demands for punishment. Since God’s justice has been satisfied and sin fully punished, healing is available to those who are no longer under the curse.

  13. H 23 - A Supernatural Witness ( Stream | Download )
    To fully proclaim the Gospel the way Jesus intends, we need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministries.

  14. H 22 - The Power of God; Not Just For Healing Evangelists! ( Stream | Download )
    The power of God is for all of us. We can all pray for the sick to be healed!

  15. H 21 - Miracles, A Revelation of Jesus Christ ( Stream | Download )
    Miracles are “signs” – they point to something other than themselves. Miracles reveal the Lord Jesus. Miracles are sermons in action. We preach and teach about the Lord Jesus. Miracles reveal Him – in three main ways: they reveal Jesus’ love, His sovereignty and His holiness and truth.

  16. H 20 - Healing is an Easy Thing ( Stream | Download )
    God commanded us to take the gospel to the lost and to lay hands on the sick. That’s all He told us to do. He works with us doing the healing. We lay hands on the sick and pray – that’s it. We don’t have to work up anything. Healing is easy to minister to others.

  17. H 18 - Use It Or Lose It ( Stream | Download )
    We ask God for more power but we’re not using what He’s already given us. Don’t be complacent. Reach out to people. As you reach out God will give you more. He’ll give you more power, more favor, more opportunities, more fruit. But you must use what you’ve got.

  18. H 17 - The Signs Follow Those Who Go ( Stream | Download )
    If we want to see the power God we must first preach the Gospel. Then the signs will follow – God promises it!

  19. H 16 - Natural and Supernatural Healing in The Old Testament ( Stream | Download )
    This is a study of God’s attitude to natural healing processes and also His willingness to heal – in the Old Testament. If you’ve ever sat under an extreme faith message, this teaching will help you to establish a Biblical basis in your theology of divine healing.

  20. H 15 - The People Jesus Chose ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus chose people who were much like you and me and he used them to change the world with His supernatural power!

  21. H 14 - The Purpose of Miracles in The Early Church ( Stream | Download )
    The seven purposes of miracles in the Book of Acts. They are all valid today!

  22. H 13 - Biblical Faith for Healing ( Stream | Download )
    If you have ever been under the extreme faith message, this tape will change your life!

  23. H 12 - Jesus' Willingness to Heal ( Stream | Download )
    The Gospels contain a spectacular revelation of Jesus’ willingness to heal!

  24. H 11 - The Healing Power of Thanksgiving ( Stream | Download )
    Thankfulness is an aggressive spiritual attack against sin and the works of the devil, bringing health to the local body as well as to your physical body.

  25. H 10 - Healing is in The atonement ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching explores the Scriptural basis for divine healing.

  26. H 9 - The Healing Ways of God ( Stream | Download )
    God has many different ways to minister healing to His people. These are 8 of them.

  27. H 8 - How to Have God's Power ( Stream | Download )
    God wants His church to be a people of supernatural power.

  28. H 7 - Witnesses to The Light ( Stream | Download )
    God wants us to shine to this world with His presence, power, glory, love and goodness.

  29. H 6 - The Authority of The Believer ( Stream | Download )
    In Christ we have great authority together.

  30. H 4 - The Power of Salvation ( Stream | Download )
    The Gospel is the power of God unto the salvation of the whole man.

  31. H 3 - Growing In The Word ( Stream | Download )
    As we grow in the Word of God we become stronger.

  32. H 2 - Faith Comes by Hearing ( Stream | Download )
    The Word of God will work powerfully in our lives as we receive it.

  33. H 1 - Health to all Our Flesh ( Stream | Download )
    The Word of God is God’s medicine.

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