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Intecessory Prayer by Dr. Malcolm Webber

A study of the nature and practice of intercession.


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  1. P 16 - Turning The Hand Of God ( Stream | Download )
    It's not narrow thinking or legalism to say that a hammer is the way to nail wood together. If you try other means to put a nail into the wood, your efforts will likely result in frustration. Likewise, if you neglect prayer in your life in dealing with your circumstances and challenges, you're going to be frustrated and find little success. Prayer is God's ordained tool, not only for dealing with the issues of life, but prayer has the power to turn the hand of God!

  2. P 15 - Birthing Revival ( Stream | Download )
    Everything God does is "birthed". This includes revivals - revivals are birthed in travailing pray. There are three components of effective intercession: identification, desire and travail.

  3. P 14 - Persistent Prayer ( Stream | Download )
    God is moved by persistent prayer. If a corrupt judge will vindicate the persistence of the widow, and if a sleeping man will rise and meet the needs of his friend, and if a father will give food to his child, how much more will a loving God meet the requests of His own, who cry to Him day and night? So, don't give up! This message also deals with some of the errors of the extreme faith teaching.

  4. P 13 - Fervent Prayer ( Stream | Download )
    We have many things we want to see God do, and these desires are given by the Holy Spirit. But merely having these good desires is not sufficient. It is the "fervent" prayer of the righteous man that is effective. "It is possible to have revivals without preaching, without churches, and without ministers, but without prayer a genuine revival is impossible."

  5. P 12 - Intercessory Prayer

    P 12-1 - The Birthing of God's Work: ( Stream | Download )
    The outpouring of God's Spirit is birthed in the repentance and crying out to God of His people. This is the testimony of Scripture and of history. Every work of God is birthed and because it will be the work of God, the birth will also be the work of God - by His Spirit; thus, the travail that produces the birth of that work will be the Spirit's also. This is the necessity of "prayer in the Spirit."

    P 12-2 - The Nature of Our Travail: ( Stream | Download )
    A study of brokenness, repentance and thirst for God. This is the nature of our travail. It is a deep repentance for our complacency, our sin, our worldliness. But it is not just sorrow for sin and brokenness over our condition; primarily it is a cry for God!

    P 12-3 - What Is Intercession?: ( Stream | Download )
    We use the word, but do we clearly understand what intercession is? This study of the true nature of intercession demonstrates that God has called every believer to a life of intercession and He has already empowered us to offer Him effective intercession.

    P 12-4 - The Centrality and Power of Praise in Intercession: ( Stream | Download )
    God has called us to praise Him. This is one of the most important things that we, as God's people, do. As a lifestyle, we must mingle praise with prayer.

    P 12-5 - The Prayer of a Righteous Man Is Powerful and Effective: ( Stream | Download )
    A study of James 5:13-18. The simple principles of effective prayer: as we walk in repentance and righteousness and as we pray sincerely and in faith, God will hear us; our prayers will be effective!

  6. P 11 - The Nature of Intercession ( Stream | Download )
    An examination of the heart of intercession – one who has acceptance with God goes before Him on behalf of one who does not.

  7. P 10 - The Nature of Prayer ( Stream | Download )
    Compassion for people and passion for God are our two primary and powerful motives for prayer.

  8. P 9 - The Call to Seek God ( Stream | Download )
    In these dark and dangerous times, God is calling His people to seek Him with brokenness, faith and persistence.

  9. P 7 - Leaders Are Intercessors ( Stream | Download )
    Shared with a group of on-fire young people. God’s call to travailing prayer.

  10. P 6 - Give Me This Mountain! ( Stream | Download )
    God has set mountains before us. Let’s fight and take them!

  11. P 5 - Jesus and Prayer
    Here are some very practical insights from the Gospels concerning Jesus’ prayer life.  If Jesus needed to pray so much, how much more do we?
    P 5-1 - Jesus and Prayer - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    P 5-2 - Jesus and Prayer - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

    P 5-3 - Jesus and Prayer - Part 3: ( Stream | Download )

    P 5-4 - Jesus and Prayer - Part 4: ( Stream | Download )

    P 5-5 - Jesus and Prayer - Part 5: ( Stream | Download )

  12. P 4 - Why We Don't Pray ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching deals with the hindrances to prayer we experience in our lives.

  13. P 3 - A Call to Prayer ( Stream | Download )
    God is seeking those with hearts to stand in the gap.

  14. P 2-3 - Praying In The Spirit ( Stream | Download )

  15. P 1 - Entering Into Intercession
    These teachings contain practical instructions on entering into the depths of intercession in the Spirit
    P 1-1 - Entering Into Intercession - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    P 1-2 - Entering Into Intercession - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

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