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Spiritual Warfare - Audio Teachings by Dr. Malcolm Webber


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  1. SW 1 - Can a Christian Have a Demon?
    A two part series that effectively answers this question from the Scriptures.
    SW 1-1 Can a Christian Have a Demon? Part 1 : ( Stream | Download )

    SW 1-2 Can a Christian Have a Demon? Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

  2. SW 2 - You're In a War, So Fight! ( Stream | Download )
    An overview of the spiritual warfare in which we're engaged.

  3. SW 3 - Breaking the Power of Intimidation ( Stream | Download )
    The nature of intimidation and the remedy for it.

  4. SW 4 - Breaking the Power of Accusation ( Stream | Download )
    Five key ways to defeat the spiritual force of accusation.  (NOTE: There is a microphone issue that occurs very briefly throughout this recording)

  5. SW 5 - Freedom From Guilt and Shame
    A two part series showing how we are free through the power of Jesus' blood!
    SW 5-1 - Freedom From Guilt and Shame - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    SW 5-2 - Freedom From Guilt and Shame - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

  6. SW 7 - The Spiritual Power of Forgiveness ( Stream | Download )
    Not forgiving others who have hurt you will always cause you far more damage than what they did to you originally.

  7. SW 8 - Basic Principles of Deliverance ( Stream | Download )
    How demons gain entrance and how the believer can cast them out.

  8. SW 9 - The Power of the Name of Jesus ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus' Name carries absolute authority and believers have been commissioned to use His Name!

  9. SW 10 - The Origin and Nature of Satan ( Stream | Download )
    Balanced and Biblical teaching.

  10. SW 11 - The Origin and Nature of Demons ( Stream | Download )
    Balanced and Biblical teaching.

  11. SW 12 - Deliverance From the Occult ( Stream | Download )
    The causes and cure of occult oppression.

  12. SW 13 - Open Doors ( Stream | Download )
    A study of how demons can enter a person's life.

  13. SW 14 - Demons, Principalities and Powers ( Stream | Download )
    Some thoughts about this controversial subject. Are there any limits to the exercise of our authority? Has God really called us to tear down principalities and powers?

  14. SW 15 - Authority in the Spiritual Realm ( Stream | Download )
    It is not sufficient to merely have the right formula. What must be in place to possess genuine authority in the spiritual realm?

  15. SW 16 - Getting and Keeping Your Freedom ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus came to restore man to God and to set him free from all the oppression that he lives under - physical, emotional, spiritual oppression. This teaching shows how to be free.

  16. SW 17 - You're a Target ( Stream | Download )
    If you follow Jesus, you're a target! So, you'd better fight. This teaching gives specific instructions how to effectively fight your enemy on a daily basis.

  17. SW 18 - Barbs and Thorns ( Stream | Download )
    A study of the sufferings that come to us through our own mistakes, bad judgment and poor decisions. These sufferings can be avoided! If you play with sin, you will pay the price with barbs in your eyes and thorns in your side. Aren't you tired of this?

  18. SW 19 - The Occult Connection ( Stream | Download )
    When a person participates in any form of occultism, whether deliberately, in ignorance, or merely out of curiosity, he gets into the devil's territory and opens himself to demonic oppression.

  19. SW 20 - You Can Resist; You Can Win! ( Stream | Download )
    We are in a fierce battle but we can win! A step-by-step plan to victory, especially over pornography.

  20. SW 21 - Freedom from Fear! ( Stream | Download )
    Christians today are plagued by many fears. Yet Jesus has "enabled us to serve Him without fear." We can be free but we must recognize and resist the enemy.

  21. SW 22 - Guard Yourself And Your Family ( Stream | Download )
    God will guard you, But you must guard yourself and your family. God will protect you but you must fight. If you do not wake up and fight you will be overrun.

  22. SW 23-1 - Your True Enemy - Part 1 - What Satan Is Not 10-21-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    God tells us to resist the devil and to draw near to God. We must continually do both!   But in order to resist the devil we must first recognize his work. If we don’t recognize his work, we won’t resist him and we will pay a high price.   Satan is the enemy of your life – your true enemy. Let’s expose him and resist him!

  23. SW 23-2 - Your True Enemy - Part 2 - What Satan Is - 11-11-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    In this teaching we expose the nature of our enemy. Satan is your enemy. He is proud, he’s a tempter, a deceiver, a murderer, a liar, and an accuser. Don’t align yourself with him! Resist him! And the good news: Satan is soon to be crushed under your feet!

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