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Leader Development Evaluation

An extensive introduction to the art and science of leader development evaluation, using our LDQSM model of evaluation. These practical principles can be applied in the evaluation and improvement of any kind of ministry. Each podcast is 4-8 minutes long and can be streamed or downloaded.


Introduction to Leader Development Evaluation

Evaluation is fundamentally biblical, and it is potentially very useful in increasing ministry effectiveness. Let's lay aside the fears of the past and embrace the opportunities of healthy evaluation.

Core Concepts in Leader Development Evaluation

Core Concepts in Leader Development Evaluation Part 1

Effective evaluation begins with a clear purpose. Without a clear purpose, evaluation is impossible.

Core Concepts in Leader Development Evaluation Part 2

While it is good to evaluate competency development, it is even better to evaluate the development of the whole person, including competencies.

Core Concepts in Leader Development Evaluation Part 3

While we cannot see spiritual life or character, we can often see the fruit of spiritual life and character in a person's actions. We can see indicators of healthy leadership. This idea of indicators is central in evaluation.

Realistic Evaluation

Realistic Evaluation Part 1

While our evaluation will probably not be perfect, there are many ways that we can profitably evaluate our work. First, "realistic" evaluation will be useful. To be useful, an evaluation must have just enough detail.

Realistic Evaluation Part 2

"Realistic" evaluation will also be accurate and simple. It will have just enough accuracy, and it will be simple, using use easily observed measures and indicators.