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Free video courses of our primary models are available here.

Leadership and Union with Christ

This is what the Christian life is: participation in the joyful, delighted, spontaneous, eternal fellowship of the Godhead! And this is where Christian leadership comes from – fellowship with God!

What Is Leadership?

A brief series of videos covering the definition of leadership, and why it matters!

Healthy Leaders

You can be one, and you can build many! Find out how in this video series outlining our core model of the 5Cs: Christ, Community, Character, Calling, and Competencies.

What Leaders Do

So you're a leader. What do you do now? Find out in this series of brief, accessible videos covering the three primary parts of leadership: establishing a vision, aligning the people with it, and helping the people achieve it.

Leaders and Managers

Leaders and managers are both vital to the success of any ministry or organization. Discover your own giftings and how to use them in this series of brief videos.

Leading Well

Do you want to lead in a healthy way, and actually accomplish the goals you are aiming for? This video series is for you!

Building Leaders

Building healthy leaders requires a holistic process. This video course outlines our Four Dynamic model - a biblical, paradigm-breaking way to build leaders.

Identifying High-Potential Emerging Leaders

Our leader development programs might be well-designed, but if we’re training the wrong people they will fail! Find out how to avoid that in this video series.

Leading Healthy Organizations

This series covers everything you need to know to jumpstart a healthy organizational culture. It's not as complicated as you think!

Building Healthy Leaders

An introduction to our ConneXions Model for healthy leader development. This is our first core course.

Building Healthy Churches

The goal of this course is to rediscover the simple New Testament pattern of healthy church.

An Introduction to Transformational Theology

Join the Revolution in Theological Education!

Transformational Theology

A course on scriptural theological instruction that is engaging and transformational. Transformational Theology will bring theology back to life!

Shaping a Culture of Generational Succession

From the beginning of creation, God has had a clear vision for generational succession. Everything we do should carry this vision!

How Leaders Shape Organizational Culture

Culture is built by everything a leader is and does, so it takes years to deeply develop. This course unpacks how to nurture a healthy organizational culture, by first focusing on who leaders must be in Christ.

Transformational Teaching

A deep-dive into the nature of the teaching ministry, focusing on the deeper issues of the life of the teacher from which teaching proceeds.

Transformational Thinking

To “love God with all your mind” means to fully explore and use the thinking capacities He has given you, in a manner always proceeding from, and subject to, His indwelling Presence. This course introduces transformational thinking, that which has the power to deeply change the lives of others for God’s glory.

Women and Leadership

Find out what the Bible says about the role of women in Christian ministry and leadership.

Shaping a Culture of Generosity

This one-day course is designed to bring Christian leaders into a deep and personal embracing of generosity in their own lives, and to help them shape a vibrant culture of generosity in the churches and ministries they lead.


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