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Building Healthy Youth

God gives special attention to youth. In the Bible, the role of young people as leaders who work together with mature leaders is obvious, and He uses them to lead and bless nations! God chose David to beat Goliath when he was very young (1 Samuel 17:32-33). In the New Testament, Paul gives special attention and trust to a young man named Timothy (1 Timothy 4:12). He has a purpose for every young person (Jeremiah 1:4-8)!

One study shows that in 2019, there were about 1.2 billion youth aged 15-24 years old in the world. This is 16% of the global population which will soon step into leadership in their own communities. However, fewer youth are involved in the Church today than ever before. How do we respond to this reality?

This workshop is intended to equip youth mentors and church leaders with the practical tools and skills needed to raise up young people to become the leaders and persons that God wants them to be.

Our goals and hopes for participants at the end of this course are that you:

    • Help participants reconnect with God’s vision for youth.
    • Envision participants with a fresh zeal and passion for building healthy youth.
    • Equip participants with practical skills on building youth in their respective churches or communities.
    • Empower participants with a design that they can apply immediately to build healthy youth.

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