Ministry Opportunities

LeaderSource SGA’s vision is to catalyze movements of healthy leader development, leader care and church planting around the world, especially in areas of fast church growth. We work in many regions of the world, including the Middle East, India, Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America and Australia.

And we need help!

Are you a praying person? This is our greatest need and the greatest way you can help. To keep up with the current work, prayer requests and needs of LeaderSource SGA, please fill in the contact form and we'll add you to our regular communication list.

Some of the other specific ways in which you can partner with LeaderSource SGA are:

  • Become a ConneXions Mentor or Coach. Become more effective in your own leader development, or help us train leaders in other countries. Click here for more details.
  • Help with Translation. We are looking for excellent translators into all the main languages of the world.
  • Become a Business Mentor. We are networking indigenous business leaders in the cities with foreign businesspeople who can assist them with the spiritual, ethical and practical issues of Christian business.
  • Help with Graphics Arts. We have a significant ongoing need for help in print, web and electronic media.
  • Help with Communication. On a daily basis, we communicate with church leaders around the world via email and Skype, for logistical purposes as well as for their own personal training and encouragement.
  • Prayer and Financial Partners. Our ministry increases each year. We are looking to God to provide increased prayer and investment.
  • How Else Can You Help? We probably need it! Pray about joining the LeaderSource SGA team – we get to work with some of the most amazing people alive today on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the nations!

Getting Started. Do you want to make a strategic impact? Please contact us and tell us what you can do and what you would like to do with your vision and abilities.

Please email your area of interest, brief personal testimony and vision to:

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