Bal Bahadur

Training Consultant, India

Bal grew up in a Hindu home, but the rituals and customs only created more hunger in him to know God. Later, while studying in a Christian boarding school, he encountered Jesus as his personal Savior.
Prior to joining LeaderSource, Bal was serving God through a holistic ministry based in S.R.N. Bhadohi District, Eastern U.P. with more than 20 local and cross- cultural missionaries. This ministry incorporates church planting, leader development, primary education, economic development, health and sanitation programs. 
Through one of LeaderSource’s trainings in Delhi he encountered the ConneXions Model, which birthed in him a deep passion to be involved with what God is doing, especially in the area of leader development in the nation of India and beyond. 

Bal lives in Uttar Pradesh with his wife Snigdha and children Jabez and Upasana.
During Bal's time at LeaderSource, he has noticed the following paradigm shifts in his life:
Even though I had been involved in leading ministry eams and building leaders prior to joining LeaderSource, I had not been very clear as to why was I doing it.
  • The ConneXions Model helped me to have clarity about my “why” and also helped me to have a transformational process and design.
  • My leader development model had been mostly focused on building competencies rather than holistic development (all 5Cs).
  • As a leader, my priority had been running and maintaining programs rather than building lives. But now I’m engaged in building lives!
  • My passion has always been for the Church but I didn’t have a comprehensive view of Healthy Church. The Building Healthy Church Model gave me a true biblical vision, strategy and design to build a healthy church. I’m really fascinated by the BHC Model (and of course the BHL model too)!
  • Serving with LeaderSource has helped me to broaden my understanding of God’s heart for the nations.
  • Building leaders is not a quick fix thing but a transformational journey.
  • I have rarely observed and experienced good models of leader care (mostly left to self-care) but the ConneXions Model has helped me to understand and practice that leaders are built and lead in the context of a healthy community.


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