Chris Wheeler

Content Curator & Writer, USA

Chris grew up in a Christian home, surrounded by Indiana corn fields and fantasy adventure stories. After ten years studying and working in Chicago at the Moody Bible Institute, he moved back to Indiana with his family to pursue writing full-time. He has been published in Banner, the Rabbit Room, and Think Christian, among others, and he has written a variety of devotionals, liturgies, poetry, and stories for churches and faith-based organizations. 

In July 2018, he joined our team at LeaderSource as a staff writer, writing everything from case studies to training materials to blogs. He is most passionate about amplifying the work of God here and abroad through storytelling.

In his spare time, he enjoys roasting coffee, talking about arts and culture, and exploring new music. He lives with his wife Linnea and five kids in Middlebury, IN.

During Chris' time at LeaderSource, he has noticed the following paradigm shifts in his life:

The ConneXions Model (Goal/ Process/Design) has become a paradigm for me in my own life, filtering into how I approach leading my family, encouraging my church, and most everything else in some capacity. It's not just a leader development model, it's a whole-life model. Prior to LeaderSource, I did not have a clear paradigm for growth, just bits and pieces of things that seemed biblical and true to me. Most of the useful bits and pieces ended up fitting within the ConneXions Model, but having a holistic, practical viewpoint has really helped me follow God more intentionally.

Also, in many ministries there is a lot of talk about servant leadership and trust, but not a lot of actually walking it out - and sometimes even abusive leadership. So when I came to LeaderSource I was skeptical: can a Christian ministry actually line up practically with its ideals for itself? Turns out, yes. No one is perfect, of course, but LeaderSource has consistently challenged my initial skepticism, and I'm so grateful to be part of a ministry that does in practice what it says it should do. In that sense, I've shifted from skepticism to hope.


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