Ericko Tandayu

Senior Consultant, Indonesia

Since he was a teenager, Ericko has been mentored by leaders with great passion to see the generations flourish, and directly involved in building leaders himself. He currently serves as Building Healthy Leaders Senior Consultant with the Indonesia team, where he envisions, strategizes, and builds partnerships with churches and Christian organizations to equip them to build leaders.

Ericko is a zealous and passionate leader developer whose deepest desire is to see Indonesian people discipled in a biblical worldview, and he believes that this can be accomplished by building leaders, one at a time.

During Ericko's time at LeaderSource, he has noticed the following paradigm shifts in his life:

  • Christ centered, Holistic and biblical approach to leader development that brings real transformation through making ways for the Holy Spirit to move in His “ecosystem.” I thought that I had been developing leaders in a good way, but then realized that “good” is not enough – Christ-centered, holistic and biblical is the way.
  • There is divine revelation in God through the Bible if we want to look further, deeper, and more diligently into the deep things that we are facing in daily life (women and leadership, evaluation, theology, etc.) And it connects beautifully through the 4Ds.
  • To have an “Abusive Leaders Assessment” is such a gift – being undone in the Presence of the Lord so that our hearts can be examined like in open-heart surgery, to be made pure daily.


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