Evette Saleh

Program Leader, Egypt

Evette grew up in a large Christian family, who rooted her deep in the Word and in relationship with the Lord. 

Prior to joining LeaderSource as program leader for Egypt, Evette earned a degree in fine arts and painting, and an MBA in Christian management. She was involved in the largest praise and worship ministry in the MENA region, the Better Life Team, for 16 years. During those years, she toured across many countries leading worship for Arabic-speaking communities. She was the owner of a successful marketing and advertising company for 7 years, then God called her to serve as Executive Director for the Miracle Channel, a prominent Christian TV channel in the MENA region. 

She is passionate about building strong, cohesive teams for tremendous kingdom impact. Through her work and her calling as an intercessor and woman of prayer, she has developed deep relationships with many influential Christian leaders in the region. With LeaderSource, she is powerfully pursuing her calling by building healthy leaders from many different backgrounds and religions.
Evette is married to Ehab Hakim, country team leader for LeaderSource in Egypt. They live in Cairo with their four children. 

During Evette's time at LeaderSource, she has noticed the following paradigm shifts in her life:

I have encountered a newfound depth of fellowship within the Body of Christ, where each member functions in their role in a healthy manner, devoid of comparisons or hidden agendas. It's characterized by pure love, support, and a shared focus on the Word of God, all unified in the vision of building a healthy church. The Gospel is not merely preached out of obligation but is demonstrated practically through our union with Christ.

Throughout this community, I have witnessed living examples of Christ's love and teachings, fostering a nurturing environment where I continue to grow and mature daily through interactions with my fellow believers. I am grateful for the opportunity to both learn from and contribute to this safe journey filled with hope.

LeaderSource prioritizes heavenly goals over personal agendas, creating a community where the name of the ministry takes a back seat to the greater mission of serving God and His people.


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