John Deviayya Salkinidi

Administration & Logistics, India

Johnny grew up in a Christian home, but didn’t come to know the Lord until he was 16 years old. 
One year later he joined YWAM, working there for 17 years in administration. In 2012, after encountering the ConneXions Model of leadership, he joined LeaderSource India. His passion is to teach and preach the Gospel and the word of God to young people, discipling and preparing them to fulfill the Great Commission as leaders in their own contexts.
Johnny lives in Pune with his wife Anita and children Ankit and Zoe. In his spare time he enjoys music, reading, and encouraging youth.
During Johnny's time at LeaderSource, he has noticed the following paradigm shifts in his life:
This Christ-centered holistic model has transformed me as I can see my life and my relationship with God have totally changed. The first time I heard of this model I fell in love with it and I’m still loving it and practicing it in my life.

Personally I am blessed and transformed through my calling and character. It has totally changed my views about leadership. The 5C/4D model and Knowing God model is awesome. It has changed me and many youths with whom I am working in our church. I can see their dedication, love and commitment, knowing their calling from God in ministry. I can see that many of them are getting inspired through this model. This transformation has also affected my family. I can see my children loving and understanding the leadership qualities, and their relationship with God to knowing him personally as a Savior.

Thank you so much Dr. Malcolm for giving us this opportunity to learn and grow in our calling to serve Him in His Kingdom.

I’m blessed to be part of the LeaderSource family.


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