Jothi Lavanya Elijah

Training Consultant, India

God has prepared Jothi for the ministry from her childhood through various responsibilities at home and by involvement in children’s and youth ministry. She now works with LeaderSource India as a passionate and articulate leader, coordinator and trainer. 

In addition to her passion in building leaders, she has secured an M.Div. and M.A.’s in English, Christian Studies, and Religion & Philosophy. Jothi started a tutoring center and builds the children there daily using the ConneXions Model. She is gifted in translation, storytelling and role-plays, and passionate about challenging youth to pursue their God-given purpose and women to be achievers for God. She lives in Chennai with her husband, Lenin.

During Jothi's time at LeaderSource, she has noticed the following paradigm shifts in her life:

We were exposed to the ConneXions framework at an Intensive and that was our turning point in life. I encountered God in a much deeper way after one of the first sessions we attended. We are very thankful to God for His revelation to Malcolm and all the facilitators who led us through that time.

  • I was a man-pleaser and the teaching has made a great impact that it is enough for me to please God.
  • I was trying to please God by doing many ministries and always felt I couldn’t do enough but now I know God loves me just the same; I cannot do more to make Him love me more.
  • I loved disciple-making but was not clear with the process. Now my direction is clear.
  • I thought what I knew was enough for ministry but LeaderSource has created a deep love for learning. I am not satisfied with what I know; I take every opportunity to learn.
  • Reflection on my life was much less; now I reflect on every aspect of my life which helps me to understand my deeper intentions.
  • I longed for role models in my life and now I have a handful of role models in the LeaderSource family. I am thankful for such an environment created at LeaderSource.
  • I loved God but I lacked focus. Now at LeaderSource I have a focus on building leaders.
  • I lacked a healthy community who genuinely care for me and now I have people who seriously care for me and my family. I have learned how important it is to care for leaders and I do the same with the leaders whom I build.


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