Leena Kamble

Part-Time Associate (Women’s Ministry), India

Leena was born and raised in a Christian family, but encountered many hard questions about life and death after losing her mom at 8 years of age. As a teenager, the Holy Spirit touched her heart and opened up her understanding of the love of God, until she finally committed her life to the Lord. She has been serving Him ever since.

Leena was very actively involved in church from a very young age, but officially began serving as an assistant pastor and in youth ministry in 1995 after graduating from Bible school. She also served as a literature coordinator for an extension course for pastors for two years. 

In 1999, she married her husband, Pastor Bhalchandra Kamble, and served with him at the church he had pioneered. Together they now disciple around 300 people at this church, 80% of whom are from non-Christian backgrounds. Leena has led many ministries, including an interdenominational intercession movement that has prayed for the work of God in the world consistently for the last 20 years and an evangelism movement in her city that mobilized 1500 women over the course of two years. She also regularly teaches as conferences and in short-term trainings. She joined LeaderSource in 2018.

Leena’s great passion is to see spiritual leaders raised who understand and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit in her city, especially among the youth. She and her husband have two grown children; in her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking, and studying.

During Leena's time at LeaderSource, she has noticed the following paradigm shifts in her life:

  • The emphasis of depending on God and Jesus' nature of ministry has taken off the pressure of ministry. It is so liberating to know that if I just remain in Him, His ministry will flow from me. Instead of being pressured by doing the work of ministry I have learned to focus on Him. As I have done this, I’ve enjoyed being with Him and also my ministry has become more effective.
  • The focus has shifted from doing effective events to a process of building people.
  • Before, all the emphasis was on the instructional dynamic but now the other three dynamics are incorporated and the result is amazing.
  • There is a paradigm shift in the role of the leader – the leader is not to do it all himself but build people to do the ministry.
  • There is a paradigm shift in what real success is – real success is not fame, money or property, but life transformation.
  • I have developed a deep conviction and passion for the need of building healthy leaders. Before, I did not notice it as much but now when I see any problem in any church or organization I can clearly see how it is directly related to the leadership, and vice versa.
  • I have stopped doing things on my own and have started training leaders in different departments of the church.


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