Maryam Pikawi

Team Member, Nigeria

Maryam grew up in a Christian home and came to know Jesus when she was 15 years old. She has worked in Accelerated Christian Education as a class teaching, eventually advancing to head teacher and administrator. She has also served as volunteer staff with Child Evangelism Fellowship with her husband, Joseph Chagga, and now serves with him on our LeaderSource Nigeria Team leading their intercessory team. She is currently obtaining a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Development Associates International. 

Maryam’s passion is to build children and young people to come to know the Lord and discover their purpose in life and the reason why God created them. She and Chagga are blessed with a daughter. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music, and travel.

During Maryam's time at LeaderSource, she has noticed the following paradigm shifts in her life:

Coming across LeaderSource was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! I have grown in my spiritual life and my relationships with God, my husband, my family and other people have generally become better.

  • I have shifted from being religious to having a deeper relationship with God.
  • I have learned not to depend on people or my strength or experience but in everything to totally depend on God.
  • I was not much concerned about building others, but now have become more concerned and more intentional about building others around me to become healthy leaders.
  • I have never been so loved and cared for both physically and spiritually. Since coming to LeaderSource, I have experienced the love of God in all its ramifications and this has helped me to also give out the same to others around me.
  • My fellowship and my relationship with God is now more intentional.
  • I now know what solitude is all about. I practice it and also help other leaders to do it; this has strengthened my ability to hear God for every step and for direction.
  • I have always wondered how to improve in my work with God but now understanding how to use the 4Ds to make designs in my growth areas has helped to bring transformation in my life and equipped me to help others as well.
  • Making theology so simple and easy for me to understand has helped me to know God better. I relate with Him deeper based on the knowledge of Him revealed to me through What God is Like.


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