Rapheal Febia Ngoh

Country Team Leader, Cameroon

Born into a poor religious family, Rapheal was introduced to church early in life by his parents. However, it wasn’t until university that he heard a clear gospel message and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. 

Rapheal holds a Masters of Divinity in Leadership from the International Leadership University and has been involved in discipleship training and leader development for over 13 years. He served with Campus Crusade for Christ for about 8 years, then with CABTAL, a Wycliffe member organization. He now serves with LeaderSource Cameroon as Assistant Country Director, developing strategy, launching new training, and networking with leaders and ministries locally and globally. 

Rapheal’s passion to equip leaders compelled him to embrace the vision and ministry of LeaderSource. He desires to see pastors, church leaders and Christian ministries leaders model a healthy life to bring about transformation across the church and society, in Cameroon and beyond. 

Rapheal lives in Yaounde with his wife Linda and four kids, and enjoys listening to worship music in his spare time.

During Raphael's time at LeaderSource, he has noticed the following paradigm shifts in his life:

Since I joined LeaderSource after more than a decade serving in Christian ministry, I have experienced and witnessed a lot of paradigm shifts. The following are a few that are very outstanding.

  • Shifting from ministry being somewhat of a job to a calling that brings about whole life satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Donor-driven ministry to Holy Spirit-driven transformation.
  • Ministry focus on getting the numbers, reports and statistics to ministry focus on life transformation.
  • Ministry culture on position, money and who has the big degree to ministry culture being union with Christ and serving Him out of that. Position, titles and degrees are irrelevant.
  • Trainings focus on increasing participants’ knowledge in specific areas to trainings focus on life transformation.
  • Ministry relationships are basically colleague-to colleague to ministry is family.
  • Recruitment based on experience, academic status and how you can present yourself during interviews to recruitment based on discernment and God's calling.


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