Subhasis Dey

Training Consultant, India

Subhasis Dey was born and raised in a Christian family in Kolkata, India. God opened his heart to accept Jesus in 2008, and from that day forward he decided to follow God and serve Him wholeheartedly. He has served as accountant and later as training specialist at Compassion East India for over 8 years. He holds a Master of Business Administration and has also worked with the International Justice Mission, Kolkata & Nomi Network India. 

Subhasis works with LeaderSource as a Training Consultant for the Eastern states in India. He is passionate about serving children and youth and building them into healthy leaders. He lives in Kolkata with his wife Soma, who is a teacher and their two children, Ronel & Rayelle.

During his time at LeaderSource, Subhasis' has noticed the following paradigm shifts in his life:

When I first came to know Christ, I used to feel very proud and I used to feel that I knew better than others. I never used to understand others' problems. Life went on like that for several years until the organization where I worked closed down and I became jobless for several months. At one point, I felt God had abandoned me and I had to do something or anything for my survival.

But when I got the opportunity to serve Him again through LeaderSource, I realized God never left me and the purpose (Calling) He made in my life will surely be established. I realized that God was preparing me (Character) through my struggles. He also brought different people (Community) into my life at different times who shaped my life. Moreover, through LeaderSource, He helped me to understand the highest calling in my life (Christ). Over the years, He helped me to build my skills (Competency) through my education and my experience in different organizations. And now, He is continuously helping me to grow in the 5Cs. I'm truly grateful to God and LeaderSource for helping me to understand the perfect Goal and the exact Process to achieve that so that I can prepare the right Design for my life.


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