William & Carol Frisbie

LeaderCare, USA

Bill and Carol have served together in ministry and leadership internationally for over 40 years. They each spent their childhood formative years living abroad, Bill in Thailand and Iran, Carol in Brazil. Carol is a second-generation missionary and Bill came to Christ while in college. The Frisbie family served as part of a church planting team among an unreached people group in Senegal, and continue to have a heart for reaching all the world’s unreached people groups. They started serving with LeaderSource in 2005, transitioning to full-time involvement in 2014.
They pioneered work in West and Central Africa until 2020, when they accepted the commission of forming and leading a global LeaderCare team. Their vision is to create a culture of Christ-centered, holistic care in leader development that will be adopted and used by leaders in their own nations. Bill also continues as a Senior Training Consultant, building capacity in LeaderSource team members and leading training in places where we do not yet have national teams in place.
Bill holds an M.A. from Regent University. He served 10 years as part of the faculty of Goshen College, four years in small business management, and over nine years as a staff pastor in a local congregation. Carol holds a B.S.N. degree and is a registered nurse, and has worked in mental health for over 15 years. They raised three daughters and one son, who have blessed Bill and Carol with 12 grandchildren.

During their time at LeaderSource, they have noticed the following paradigm shifts in their lives:

Our first LeaderSource related paradigm shift came during a time of great brokenness and misunderstanding of God's ways after an unexpected ending to our role in a missionary team. This shift came through several teachings we heard from Malcolm just a couple years before we began with LeaderSource. Three areas specifically: προς (pros), God's purpose in suffering, and also the importance and power of teaching from the Word. Those truths from God’s Word were key content in our 4D healing process.

As we considered the LeaderSource vision for catalyzing movements, we began to recognize the strengths of a paradigm of indigenous ministry over our past incarnational paradigm to ministry. A very simple explanation of incarnational ministry is a foreign worker lovingly enculturating themselves as much as possible with the people group they are reaching and directly church planting. This is the approach we were using during our time with the original mission team in West Africa. The paradigm of an indigenous ministry approach may still require some enculturating to reach people groups but far less of it. So, we moved from a paradigm that placed us in front-line church planting ministry and reaching one unreached people group to introducing the ConneXions Model with a vision to catalyze movements of healthy leader development. The chain of impact would lead to the healthy people in healthy churches reaching the unreached people groups around them. This meant the potential to play a role in the reaching of hundreds of unreached people groups!

While this shift was better, we ourselves were limited because, as it is in chemistry, the catalyst needs to remain in the mix until the desired response has occurred. Cultural and logistical limits prevented us from staying adequately in the mix. Though we began to work more intensely in fewer places, it remained hard to maintain momentum. Now with God's provision of African teams on the ground under Delphine’s leadership, we believe they will counter those gaps. And we are so excited about what God has done through them already!

Our corresponding shift to LeaderCare still allows us to continue contributing to the vision we have for the unreached people groups. The contribution is even less direct in the reaching, but no less important. It is fairly certain many of our paradigms will continue to be challenged by the Holy Spirit in the years ahead, but His goal is always to move us along the continuum toward His best.


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