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Building Healthy Churches

Jesus’ purpose is to build His Church (Matt. 16:18). That must be our purpose: to work in the building of His Church!
Just because we have a church doesn’t mean it is His; and just because we are involved in a lot of religious activity doesn’t mean that He is building His Church. The simplicity of the New Testament pattern of planting churches stands in bold contrast to the complexity of our modern patterns in many countries.
Moreover, their extraordinary success also stands in contrast to ours. To the extent that church planting movements in East Asia, Africa, India, South America and other places have followed the New Testament pattern, they have also been blessed with a similar measure of success.
The hope of this course is that we rediscover the simple New Testament pattern, by looking at the Church from a very broad, biblical perspective.
Our goals and hopes for participants at the end of this course are that you:
    • Are renewed and reinvigorated in your love for the Church of Jesus Christ and your passion for her to be all God has called her to be.
    • Have a clear and biblically-sound understanding of what a healthy church is and how that church is formed.
    • Have a clear and passionate vision for building healthy churches.
    • Make immediate practical applications for your own church to be a healthier church.
    • Have been refreshed, encouraged, inspired, empowered and motivated in your life and ministry.
    • Will be filled with hope for the future of God’s Church.
    • Have an increased desire and capacity to be a healthy leader who will lead God’s people into His vision for His Church.
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