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Transformational Theology

This course introduces a new (in reality, quite old) approach to theological instruction.

Theology will come “back to life” as two things are changed: the way theology is taught (the form, the method) and what is taught (the content, the purpose). 

First, we need to change the form – transforming theological instruction from lectures and papers only to engaging learning experiences. It’s possible for our traditional methods of teaching theology to become boring and academic. In the Bible, however, doctrinal instruction is alive, engaging and passionate! 

Second, we need to change the content – transforming theological substance from disconnected, isolated abstractions to relevant, life-impacting truths. Theological Truth, when presented in traditional ways, can become detached from the daily realities of life. It can become a remote, abstract, theoretical and somewhat irrelevant entity. This is utterly unfaithful to the Scriptures! In the Bible, doctrine is always connected directly and powerfully to the immediate, practical realities of the believers’ daily lives. Doctrine is Truth and Truth is life-giving and transformational! 

We need biblical truths taught in a biblical way. We need a new paradigm – actually a very old, biblical paradigm – for theological learning. The ConneXions Model is not only powerful in helping us build spiritual life, relational strength, integrity, clear vision, and ministry capacities in our emerging and existing leaders, but it also provides us with a living and biblical way to teach doctrine! 

By the end of the course, the participants will have: 

    • Reviewed the 5C and 4D models, making specific applications to the teaching of theology. 
    • Explored biblical examples of theological instruction. 
    • Compared their own approaches to teaching doctrine with biblical approaches. 
    • Discovered specific methods of moving from intellectual information to life transformation. 
    • Recognized the core elements of specific doctrines and identified the practical significances of each element. 
    • Designed new "theological learning experiences" according to the ConneXions Model.

Let’s explore together how we can bring theology back to life!

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