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What Does the Bible Say?

Discover and apply the purpose and principles of correct interpretation of God’s Word!

Malcolm Webber

God’s Word transcends time as well as cultural, geographical, and language differences, but it can be difficult to overcome our prejudices and the many pitfalls that inhibit precise understanding of the original intent of Scripture. 
Citing examples from Scripture, as well as many methods that lead to common misinterpretations, Dr. Webber details nine distinct errors the Bible student should avoid, as well as principles that should guide his study. The earnest student of God’s Word will be diligent to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, apply sound principles in interpretation, and be accountable to history, to the Church, and to God when studying Scripture. 
God has revealed mysteries in His Word to genuine believers – not just to an elite few who are intelligent enough to find truth. The Word of God was never intended to be studied merely for mental assent, but for application in knowing God!


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