Audio Teachings

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Series by Dr. Malcolm Webber available here in MP3 format:

  • Most Recent Teachings: These are the most recent teachings at LFF.  They go in order from the top being the most recent to the bottom being the oldest one in this grouping of teachings.
  • Spiritual Life: These are teachings on fellowship with God and spiritual life.
  • Revealing the Father: In this series of eleven audio teachings, Dr. Malcolm Webber studies the life and ministry of Jesus in the gospels as He ministered out of His Father's inward presence.
  • Church and Family Life: teachings on church life, family life, fatherhood, relationships, ministry, etc.
  • Healthy Prophetic Ministry: In this series of ten audio teachings, Dr. Malcolm Webber lays a comprehensive foundation for understanding and practicing healthy prophetic ministry.
  • Spiritual Warfare: teachings on demons, deliverance, spiritual warfare, etc.
  • Healing: teachings on supernatural healing that are biblically balanced.
  • Intercessory Prayer: This series is a study of the nature and practice of intercession.
  • Revival: teachings on the nature, necessity and dynamics of revival.
  • Purpose: Before the world began, God gave you a purpose: a purpose for living, a purpose for being saved, a purpose for serving Him.
  • Evangelism: This series discusses how to reach out to the lost around you in a way that fits who you are.  We each have a different personality and we each can share the Gospel in power to reach many people.
  • Missions: With the blessings of God comes the responsibility to share the Gospel with others.  We are called through the Great Commission to be a light to our family, friends, neighbors, those we meet, and to other nations and people groups.
  • Exposition of 1 Peter:  A complete verse-by-verse exposition of 1 Peter.
  • Exposition of Colossians: The preeminence and all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ.
  • Exposition of Philippians: Christ builds Community! The inward life of Jesus in you is expressed in self-giving love, true servanthood in community.
  • Exposition of Ephesians: A letter to a maturing church.
  • Exposition of Zephaniah: The book of Zephaniah contains a very dramatic revelation of the judgment and salvation of God in the Last Days.
  • Exposition of Haggai: Haggai is an unusual prophecy in that it is a loving call to the Godly remnant that returned to Jerusalem from Babylon.  It is a call to think about what they are doing and an encouragement to continue the work God has set before them.
  • The Suffering Servant of Isaiah: This is a verse-by-verse exposition of Isaiah’s great prophecy regarding Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Biblical Interpretation: This series gives a balanced approach to properly understand what the Scriptures teach.  It discusses various methods of avoiding mistakes and uses the Tabernacle of Moses as an example of types and symbols in the Bible.
  • Doctrinal Teachings: Included here are teachings on various Biblical doctrines.
  • God and Israel: teachings on God's relationship with Israel.
  • Now Concerning: teachings on a variety of subjects.
  • Leadership: teachings on leaders and leader development.
  • Testimony of Malcolm Webber: Malcolm's testimony of how he came to Christ.  This testimony was shared with Living Faith Fellowship in June, 2007.
  • Waiting On God Meetings:

Audio recordings from others.