LeaderSource - Major Reconciliation in Cameroon

Major Reconciliation in Cameroon

Training church planters to build healthy leaders.

We recently held a training for church planters in Cameroon at the request of one of our associates, beginning with a Servanthood Learning Experience followed by Building Healthy Leaders. Foot-washing was a first for most of the participants: 
“When my husband washed my feet, I was shy and completely challenged. It was as if he were carrying me on his back and we were flying.” 

“I sensed something in my spirit... It was God Himself washing my feet and that helped me to see that there are lots of things which we have neglected to do. I know now that it is time to humble myself and serve. If we end here, the seminar is complete!” 
Among many other great things God did, we learned that during the training a major reconciliation occurred between the two top leaders of the local church that hosts the local training program. The division had been going on for some time and had nearly destroyed the church.  After reconciling, they even took an opportunity in the after-hours of the seminar to wash each other's feet. We didn’t realize that this had happened, but the very next morning, the Lord led us to design the Sunday meeting around forgiveness.

After the training, one participant remarked, 
“The order of this training has been powerful. Once God has completely broken us, we are more willing to be re-oriented.”
These church planters are working among unreached people groups in eight different nations. A few weeks after this seminar, they went out to build 60 other church planters during 10-day "portable schools." Those 60, in turn, each have a goal to reach ten people for Christ by November of this year. This is evidence of the work of God in a people who repeatedly broke into song during the training: “I have decided to follow Jesus / No turning back, no turning back!”


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