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Are you building leaders the way Jesus and Paul did?

Malcolm Webber

Every church leader is acutely aware of the need to build future ministry leaders. How can we do it most effectively? Traditionally, we have focused on ministry competencies alone, but there is so much more to building people than that. We need completely new paradigms for building healthy leaders!
  • A new goal, focusing intentionally on building the whole person in spiritual life, relational capacities, character, vision, biblical knowledge and ministry skills.
  • A new process with integrated attention to the spiritual, relational, experiential and instructional dynamics of life transformation.
  • A new design with varied learning experiences, challenging assignments, and pressure to build leaders in real life, the way Jesus and the early apostles did.
  • Leaders building leaders and not just delegating this responsibility to “experts” in academic institutions.
  • Churches building leaders, resulting in improved multiplication, flexibility, security, self-support and evaluation.
  • Church planting through leader development; building healthy leaders results in the planting of healthy, sustainable churches.
Building Leaders outlines an effective method for building leaders with intentionality and focus – men and women who are transformed in their relationship with Christ, in their interactions in community, their character development, their calling and their ministry competencies.


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