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Exposition of Colossians - Audio Teachings by Dr. Malcolm Webber

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  1. EX 5-1 - Introduction and The Characteristics of a Modern Heresy ( Stream | Download )
    In Colossians, Paul highlights the divine Person and creative and redemptive work of Christ against devaluation of Christ by a particular heresy that threatens the church at Colossae. The Colossian heresy blends Christianity together with Jewish legalism, Greek philosophic speculation, and Oriental mysticism. This joining of religions together in exotic hybrids is happening today in both Eastern and Western countries with the increasing "globalization" of religion. Paul's corrections are vitally pertinent to us today.

  2. EX 5-2 - The Power Of The Gospel - Col 1:1 to 1:12 ( Stream | Download )
    In his great prayer, Paul speaks of the love for God and love for the brethren as the true tests of spirituality in the life of a Christian, not all the other "spiritual looking" stuff we so often focus on.

  3. EX 5-3 - The Image Of The Invisible God - Col 1:13 - 1:15 ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus does not merely look like God; He embodies God, He is God. He is the very substance of God. He is the perfect and total expression of God, possessing all the elements and attributes of His nature. He is the complete and absolute manifestation of God. Only God Himself can fully reveal God. Jesus reveals more than the will of God or the character of God; He reveals the fullness of God. He is the visible image of the invisible God!

  4. EX 5-4 - Jesus: Creator, Sustainer, And Purpose Of All Things - 1:16-1:17 ( Stream | Download )
    The Son of God is the reason why creation exists at all, and why it is as it is. Jesus is the Creator, the Sustainer and the only ultimate Purpose of the universe!

  5. EX 5-5 - Jesus, Head and Redeemer of the Church - Col 1:18 to 1:19 ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus is preeminent as the Head of the church, whose life depends on its continued union with Him. He is also the "firstborn of the dead" - He is preeminent among all those who will be resurrected. And the fullness of God dwells in Him. In everything, Jesus has the supremacy!

  6. EX 5-6 - Reconciled to God - Col 1:20 to 1:23 ( Stream | Download )
    Through the death of the One, in whom dwells the fullness of God, our sins were taken away and we have been reconciled to God. But we must continue in our faith.

  7. EX 5-7 - Christ in You, The Hope of Glory - Col 1:24 to 1:28 ( Stream | Download )
    A discussion of the "mystery" of God - that the Gentiles would one day enter God's covenant, and be united with Christ himself.  Paul's purpose is not to build a ministry, start an organization, or change the government, Christianize the culture or reform society.  His purpose was to build the bride of Christ to maturity.  The measure of this maturity is full union with Christ.

  8. EX 5-8 - You Received Christ, Continue In Him - Col 1:29 to 2:7 ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus Himself is "Truth": He Himself is the final and ultimate Standard of Truth by which everything else must be judged. Jesus Himself - His Person - is Truth. Therefore, you can never come to any knowledge of Truth apart from knowing Him. In Him personally, in His Person, in Him "are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Only through the apprehension of Jesus - in experienced union and communion - will these treasures ever be revealed. Stay with Him!

  9. EX 5-9 - The Law Is Abolished; Abide In Christ - Col 2:8 - 2:14 ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus is everything we need!  He is the ultimate sacrifice.  He has fulfilled the law and we are in Him.  Why would we place ourselves back under the heavy weight of the Old Testament Law that Israel could not keep? 

  10. EX 5-10 - Our Redemption From Satan's Power - Col 2:15 ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching corrects the error that Jesus went to hell after His crucifixion and beat up the devil to recover authority over creation which man had given to Satan through sin.  Man has been delivered from Satan's power by His shed blood.

  11. EX 5-11 - The Reality Is Found In Christ - Col 2:16-2:23 ( Stream | Download )
    God has abolished the law in the death of Jesus.  Do not let anyone bring you bring you back under it's rituals.  The law with all it's ceremonies and rituals has been abolished and the angels have been shown to be subject to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, don't follow teachings that bring you back into bondage to ritual, aceticism or spiritual mysticism.  You are complete in Christ; you have new life in Him.  Don't allow anyone to turn you to anything else!

  12. EX 5-12 - Free From The Past - Col 3:1-3:4 ( Stream | Download )
    Paul shares the deep theological truths in the first half of the book of Colossians.  Here in chapter three he makes direct application of that theology to our daily lives.  In the first few verses of chapter three he sums up his basic point which is absolutely life changing!

  13. EX 5-13 - Put Off The Old man! - Col 3:5-3:11 ( Stream | Download )
    Here, in chapter three, Paul moves into the practical application of that extraordinary theological revelation of the person of the Lord Jesus.  He applies this practically to our lives.  Just as Jesus is pre-eminent and therefore all-sufficient theologically, Jesus is also pre-eminent and therefore all-sufficient in our daily lives.

  14. EX 5-14 - Put on The New Man - Col 3:12 - 3:17 ( Stream | Download )

  15. EX 5-15 - New Life for Families and Fathers - Col3:18 - 3:21 ( Stream | Download )
    You never get so old that you don't need a spiritual father in your life.  Everyone needs a father.  Even fathers need fathers.

  16. EX 5-16 - The New Man At Work and In Prayer - Col 3:22 - 4:4 ( Stream | Download )
    This shows what the new man looks like at work.  It shows that the distinction of spiritual or secular work is totally unbiblical and rather, that all work is spiritual work and that we need to do it as unto the Lord.

  17. EX 5-17 - The New Man in The World - Col 4:5 - 4:18 ( Stream | Download )

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