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Now Concerning - Audio Teachings by Dr. Malcolm Webber


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  1. Is There a Racist Bone in Your Body? ( Stream | Download )
    No one admits to being racist. Yet it may surprise you how many people actually are. And how about you? Is there a racist bone in your body? And, if so, what should you do about it?

  2. Should a Christian Make a Cake for a Gay Wedding? ( Stream | Download )
    What does God think of homosexuality? What does He think of gay people? What should be a Christian’s attitude toward gay people? And should a Christian bake a cake for a gay wedding?

  3. NC 20 - Responding To God In Times Of Crisis - Part 2 ( Stream | Download )
    God is "troubling the nations" with economic distress (2 Chron. 15:6), but it's an expression of His longsuffering; He's chastening those who He loves. We must respond appropriately with repentance, faith, learning from our past errors and reaching out with kindness to those in need.

  4. NC 19 - Responding to God in Times of Crisis - Part 1 ( Stream | Download )
    In a time of profound economic crisis we must respond appropriately to God. Trust Him, put Him first, allow Him to realign your priorities, and be a witness of hope to others around you. You're a citizen of another kingdom - you've got another home, an eternal home. So, respond to this crisis now according to that reality.

  5. Cutting Off The Long Tail

    NC 15 - Cutting Off The Long Tail - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )
    A clear analysis of the popular "healing of memories" teachings, contrasted with the Biblical path of victory.

    NC 16 - Cutting Off The Long Tail - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )
    Part two in the series, focusing mainly on the Biblical path of victory.

    NC 17 - Cutting Off The Long Tail - Part 3: ( Stream | Download )
    The Biblical path of victory is not a psychotheraputical technique, but rather: (1) revelation of Truth, (2) conviction by the Holy Spirit, (3) repentance and faith (conversion), and (4) walking in freedom. This is the simple but powerful teaching of the Scriptures.

    NC 18 - Cutting Off The Long Tail - Part 4: ( Stream | Download )
    A study of the spiritual actions and disciplines that will bring transformation to your life. God has a great deal to say about life transformation; He has given us a clear and comprehensive roadmap.

  6. NC 14 - Mr. Brown's Code ( Stream | Download )
    A study of The Da Vinci Code, not necessarily polite.

  7. NC 13 - Abortion: What Does the Bible Say? ( Stream | Download )
    Abortion is a huge issue in many countries. What does the Bible say about it?

  8. NC 10 - The Bible on Prosperity
    A comprehensive and systematic study of the biblical teaching on money. Deals with The Bible’s attitude toward possessions, the nature of true prosperity, biblical principles of prosperity, so-called “secular” work, home-making, the responsibilities of employers, managers and employees, tithing and the New Testament teaching on giving.
    NC 10-1 - The Bible's Attitude Toward Possessions: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-2 - What Is Prosperity?: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-3 - Biblical Principles of Prosperity - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-4 - Biblical Principles of Prosperity - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-5 - Biblical Principles of Prosperity - Part 3: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-6 - Home-Making; Full Time Service to God: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-7 - Serve God Whatever You're Doing: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-8 - Responsibilities of Employers and Managers: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-9 - Giving Express Surrender to God: ( Stream | Download )
    (Note:  Portions of audio throughout this recording are of poor quality)

    NC 10-10 - The Nature of Giving: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-11 - Is Tithing For Today?: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-12 - The New Testament Perspective on Giving: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 10-13 - The New Testament Principle of Giving: ( Stream | Download )

  9. NC 9 - The Christian and The Law
    This is a comprehensive and systematic study of the relationship of the Christian to the Law of Moses. You must hear this series of teachings; it will set you free!
    NC 9-1 - The Law of Moses - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-2 - The Law of Moses - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-3 - Why Did God Give The Law?: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-4 - The Cross and The Law: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-5 - New Life in Christ: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-6 - The Christian's Focus: ( Stream | Download )
    (Note:  The audio quality of this recording is poor.  Please do not avoid listening to this teaching for that reason.)

    NC 9-7 - The Snares of Legalism: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-8 - The Appropriate Use of The Law: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-9 - Jewish Believers and The Law: ( Stream | Download )
    (Note:  Aprox. the first 7 minutes of audio is poor quality.)

    NC 9-10 - The Christian and The Sabbath: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-11 - The Christian and Tithing: ( Stream | Download )

    NC 9-12 - The Christian and Food Laws: ( Stream | Download )

  10. NC 8 - Was Jesus Cast Out Of His Father's Presence? ( Stream | Download )
    What is the meaning of Jesus' utterance in Matthew 27:46: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" According to the traditional view, on the cross, Jesus literally became sinful with our sins. The Father, who is holy, cannot look upon sin, and so He turned His back on His sinful Son, cast Him out of His presence. Biblically, however, this is entirely inaccurate!

  11. NC 7 - Sex, Dating, Courtship and Other Stuff ( Stream | Download )
    The main points of this teaching are: (1) Sex outside of marriage always, 100% of the time, hurts you both spiritually and emotionally. (2) The American practice of pairing up and dating without a commitment to each other opens young people up to deep emotional hurts because there is no depth in the relationship. Dating short-circuits the learning required for young people to deal effectively with the opposite sex and encourages the “sex object” view of the opposite sex. If one does not learn how to communicate with the opposite sex as a youth these skills are rarely learned as adults. (3) In courtship there is a commitment to each other because you are in the relationship with the intention of marriage, under the blessing of parents and spiritual leaders. (4) In the group stage, before courtship, while young people are learning how to deal with the opposite sex, it is important to treat each other with respect, to dress modestly, and to maintain boundaries regarding touching one another. This teaching will open your eyes!

  12. NC 6 - Understanding The Times In Which We Live ( Stream | Download )
    A workshop concerning the meaning of Postmodernism and a Christian’s response to it.  (Note: Audio is of poor quality due to the classroom setting and the age of the recording)

  13. NC 4 - Why We Should Feed The Hungry ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus called His church to minister to man’s physical needs as well as his spiritual needs.  There is a clear contrast between the “social gospel” and the true balanced Gospel.

  14. NC 3 - The Devastation of Pornography ( Stream | Download )
    Considers the problem of pornography in America, its effects and how to be delivered.

  15. NC 2 - Abstinence ( Stream | Download )
    A clear teaching given to young people.

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