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Purpose by Dr. Malcolm Webber

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  1. The Nature And Benefits Of Purpose (SL20 - 1) ( Stream | Download )
    Before the world began, God gave you a purpose: a purpose for living, a purpose for being saved, a purpose for serving Him. He gave you a purpose: a reason for living, a goal to achieve; and He gave you the grace to fulfill it. Thus, the more clearly you understand your purpose, the more closely you will be connected with God's grace to flfill it.

  2. Your Purpose Is Found In The Will Of God (SL20 - 2) ( Stream | Download )
    God saved you according to His own purpose - not yours. So, in considering our purpose, this must be our first question: "Lord what is the purpose You have given me?" The question is not: "What do I want to accomplish in MY life?" The question is rather: "How does God want me to glorify Him in my life?" God's purpose will be understood by those whose first desire is to know God's will and obey Him.

  3. Our Ultimate Purpose Is To Know God (SL20 - 3) ( Stream | Download )
    God's will is for all of us to know Him. Thus, before you can receive guidance from God, you must yourself be guided to God. God's purpose for us is not merely to do things for Him, but to know Him. He calls us His "friends", not just His servants. He Himself is your purpose. All other principles of purpose are useless if they are not based upon surrender to God and pursuit of Him first of all.

  4. Rightly Dividing The Word Of God (SL20 - 4) ( Stream | Download )
    For Us to discern and fulfill the purpose of God for our lives, we need to know the Word, and to know the Word in a balanced way. We need to know the difference between a direct authoritative statement of Scripture on the one end of the scale, and a speculation from human reasoning on the other end. We need to rightly divide the Word of Truth (2 Tim. 2:15). This is a very important teaching that will help to deliver us from the common but dangerous misuses of the Scriptures.

  5. Knowing God's Will Through His Word (SL20 - 5) ( Stream | Download )
    A great deal of God's purpose for your life has already been revealed in the Word of God. He has given you 66 books filled with wisdom and filled with the revelation of His will in one form or another. Therefore, God's purpose will be shown to those who diligently study and meditate on the Word of God. As you are transformed through the Word of God, you will be able to fulfill God's will for your life. This is because you will find in the Word the specific answers and principles you need, and also because of the spiritual life that is in the Word of God. The Word will change you!

  6. Understanding The Contradictions Of God (SL20 - 6) ( Stream | Download )
    God commands us to use our minds to discern His will. However, we find that there will be many tensions in our Christian lives. An "antinomy" is a contradiction, a conflict of authority, a paradox. There are many antinomies in the Christian life. We must embrace these. We must trust God anyway. We should try to understand His ways and His purposes in everything, but we must not limit God to what we can understand. We must accept the contradictions. We must embrace the contradictions. We must trust God even when we can't figure it out.

  7. The Inner Witness Of The Spirit (SL20 - 7) ( Stream | Download )

  8. Discerning God's Will Through Prophetic Ministry (SL20 - 8) ( Stream | Download )

  9. Discerning God's Will Through Counsel (SL20 - 9) ( Stream | Download )
    (Note: There are some short areas in this recording which are not at current standard.)

  10. Understanding Life's Experiences Part 1 (SL20 -10) ( Stream | Download )

  11. Understanding Our Life's Experiences - Part 2 (SL20 - 11) ( Stream | Download )

  12. Understanding Our Life's Experiences - Part 3 (SL20 - Part 12) ( Stream | Download )

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