LeaderSource - Lives Touched in Nigeria

Lives Touched in Nigeria

“I will no longer do things the same way.”

The following are testimonies from attendees of our recent trainings in Nigeria.
“I was not interested in attending this training, but I was told that I had to. It would have been foolish of me to miss it. Thank God I made it, because every aspect of my life has been touched. And as the committee chairman, I resolve that everyone in my organization shall undergo this training.” (Brother D)
“I believe this program was sent from God for me, that I may have a new mind set and direction about leadership. I have broken out of doctrinal issues and wrong thinking, and now I will always depend on Christ, the perfect example. I love this model, it has opened my eyes to know my weakness and how to come out of it.” (Brother A)
“I never knew I should hear and depend on Christ in every matter, but seeing Jesus’ total dependency on His Father in every matter has really opened my eyes to this. Thank God I attended this training against all the odds. I will bring my friends tomorrow.” (Brother J)
“I have been struggling for many years with no spiritual insight into my calling. I have been disconnected from deeper relationship with Christ, and I realized that as a youth leader, there was no substitute for the divine call/vision in my life and leadership. Through this training, I now know where I have missed it. I will intentionally use the 5C/4D model to grow in my calling.” (Brother Y)
“I have attended many leadership seminars in the past, and the concepts are not always practical because the Christ element is always missing. LeaderSource training is exceptional because it is Christ-centered. Your teaching has transformed my life and my ministry. I will no longer do things the same way.” (Pastor S)    


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