LeaderSource - Case Study: Transformational Theology at Sister L's Church

Case Study: Transformational Theology at Sister L's Church

"We know God’s nature clearly, how to have real fellowship with God, and how to love one another more!"

The following is a testimony from Sister L, who leads a church of about 300 people in East Asia.

At every Sunday church meeting we teach What God Is Like, and as a result people’s lives have been greatly transformed! Unlike traditional theology, Transformational Theology is truly life-changing, because it can be practiced concretely in one’s life and ministry. In our church we taught the content on the first Sunday, and then during the second week we would use the small group discussions provided in the design to digest what we had learned, and then we would practice what we had learned.

This kind of teaching not only helped us to know the attributes of God, but also to know how to live out the attributes of God and how to manifest the glory of God in our lives. In the past, we always said that we should live out the image of God, but we did not know how to do that. We have also studied traditional theology, which is boring and difficult for those of us who do not have a high level of education. Whenever we studied it, we got the feeling that it had nothing to do with us, so we were unwilling to learn it.

Moreover, we have noticed that some of our co-workers are self-righteous and proud after studying traditional theology, that their lives really did not show any big change. They do not practice what they preach. In the past, we were separated from the truth. We felt like the truth was the truth and we were who we were; that when we went to church, we were Christian but when we went back home, we were not. In the past, we were willing to change after learning traditional theology but we didn’t know how. This is because traditional theology only increases our knowledge and theories, but it cannot connect us with life. It only stays with us as head knowledge. It’s all loud slogans and no reality.

However, the design of Transformational Theology is really so helpful to us, not only giving us the knowledge of God, but also showing us how to practice it in our lives, bringing practical help to people.

For example, when we studied the truth “God is Beautiful,” we learned what God’s beauty is, and how we can show it in our lives. We can pay attention to our words and emotions when communicating with others! After learning the truth “God is Good,” we now know how to live out our lives in kindness, goodness, patience, etc. to others.

Moreover, studying the attributes of God allowed us to see what God is like from the Bible, instead of relying on our own imagination and reason to know God. In the past, we used to know God through what He did in us, and whether or not He listened to our prayers, so we had a very one-sided understanding of God. This study corrected a lot of our misconceptions about God.

In the past, we knew that we should glorify God, but we didn’t know how to glorify God in our lives. When problems arose, we would just follow our own ideas. However, now when facing problems, we think about what God is like and what God wants us to do according to God’s heart. Because of this, we have many testimonies of glorifying God!

Here are some of those testimonies:

    • In the past, the relationship between many couples was very tense, but now wives have learned to obey their husbands’ leadership and respect their husbands’ decisions. Husbands love their wives more and have returned to the teachings of the Bible so that there is more harmony in the relationships between husband and wife.
    • Parents have learned how to be patient with their children, and to communicate with their children instead of forcing their children to do things according to their own ideas. Now they bring their children to God and the relationship between parents and children has also become better.
    • Every study gives us more new inspiration. For example, last time we studied the Trinity. We knew that God is a triune God, but we didn’t know what that meant to us. It was only after we had studied it that we realized the intimate fellowship and the love within the Trinity, and this enabled us to know how to fellowship with God, how to interact with people, and how to fellowship with each other.
    • Most people’s lives have changed through this study. Whether it has been through reading the Bible, praying, or committing more fully to the church, everything is all so much better than before, and our knowledge of God is very different from before.

In the past, we sought God to have Him do things for us, and we didn’t have enough faith in Him. Traditional theology never brought us fruitfulness or change. Now everyone’s faith in God has greatly improved, and no matter whether there are good times or bad times, we all have a firm conviction of God. We have all learned to have fellowship with God and to always turn to Him. We know God’s nature clearly, how to have real fellowship with God, and how to love one another more!


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