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I Know He Is with Us

God's presence is tangible in the Persian-speaking church!

Ehsan and Elnaz* are emerging leaders who went through training that utilizes the ConneXions Model. When they became believers, they experienced rejection from several relatives. Though they loved the Lord, they both struggled with fear of what the future held. It was clear to their course leaders that despite being very dry spiritually, Ehsan and Elnaz had a desire to serve God and longed for Him to work in them.
On the first day, the course leaders emphasized that the participants were there to be built up in order to build others. They then shared about how the church in their country had begun. Ehsan and Elnaz heard about men and women who committed their lives to pray for the nation, shared the Gospel when few became believers, endured pain and hardships with joy and purpose, faced persecution and suffering, and were even martyred for their faith.
In the final session of the day the participants spent time in God’s presence, listening and waiting on the Lord, to hear what His heart and purpose for them was in this course. Ehsan and Elnaz were so eager to hear from God, each went to find a place to sit alone. As all the participants sat and waited on Him, their leaders lifted them up in prayer. His presence was tangible.
After their extended time of waiting on God, Ehsan and Elnaz shared with each other what the Lord had spoken to them. Imagine their joyful surprise when they found that they had both heard the same thing from God! He wanted them to serve in their nation, and He told them that He would look after and lead them, and that He was in control of the result.
With tears, Ehsan later shared with the whole group,
“It all began as I heard how the generation before us stood for the Lord in such difficult times. My time with Lord was then more precious. I felt Him say He would be with us, and I realized that if those before me could live for Him, so could I… why shouldn’t I? Life may be more comfortable in other places, but I feel called there; I know He is with us.”
Elnaz also shared later that she had seen a picture while she prayed of how the Lord would lead and guide them to serve Him. She wept during this beautiful encounter with God, as the fear that she had felt began to fade away.
When Ehsan and Elnaz returned home, they grew in their fervor for the Lord. Their pastor, who had sent them to the training, could see clearly how they were refreshed and equipped for ministry. 
“Their love for their nation has grown so much and they are more passionate to do the work set before them.”
Ehsan and Elnaz daily demonstrate their growth and depth in the Word of God as they continue to serve. Day by day, their passion grows more, and they are so grateful that God is using them to build the church.
*Names have been changed for security


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