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Total Change and Deliverance

Brother U was brought through darkness into the light of Christ through our program.

Brother U became a believer as a young person, went to church regularly, and helped out with ministry in the church. Gradually, however, he drifted away and eventually gave up the fear of God entirely, living ensnared by sexual temptation and lying to his wife about his adultery. Mercifully, God disciplined him through some hardships, leaving him penniless and in need. 
The first time he came to the program, he was afraid of facing the brothers and sisters there because of his sin. But when he exposed it to them, he experienced deep love and acceptance instead of condemnation. He repented and opened his heart to God, crying out aloud before God. After the prayer he felt joyful and relaxed; he had received the peace he never could find before. Later in the program he was always filled with the Holy Spirit, hearing from God through visions and the Bible. His life has been totally changed! He thought it would be impossible to receive change since he had been so evil in the past, but now by depending on God and union with God his life purpose has been renewed and he can live out the life of Christ. He was very thankful that God gave him such an opportunity to change his life in the program, and as he also realized that it is very important to build healthy leaders, he began preparing his new house to host the program in the future.


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