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Doctrinal Teachings by Dr. Malcolm Webber

Studies of various doctrines.


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  1. Is Hell Real? - Eternal Judgment #1 ( Stream | Download )
    We live in a time of great compromise in the church. Many leaders, teachers and believers are abandoning biblical truths and embracing more comfortable ideas. Many believers have abandoned the doctrine of eternal punishment, wondering how a God of infinite love can send people to an eternal Hell. But … what does the Bible say? Is Hell real?

  2. The Coming Judgment - Eternal Judgment #2 ( Stream | Download )
    Sin is not just a passive weakness or simple imperfection in man. Sin is, in a sense, actively and violently opposed to God Himself – to His own nature and being. Therefore, all sin must be punished by God; His holiness requires it. Thank God for His gracious provision of salvation through Jesus’ death!

  3. The Truth About Hell - Eternal Judgment #3 ( Stream | Download )
    Although the Bible clearly teaches the reality of eternal punishment for the lost, many do not want to believe it. In this teaching we look at one of the major errors taught about hell – the teaching of annihilation. This teaching says that the lost as well as the devil will be “annihilated” or totally extinguished – a total cessation of being, a complete ending of existence. Is this true? What does the Bible say?

  4. D 1 - We Are Resurrected With Him ( Stream | Download )
    The resurrection is not a peripheral doctrine but is one of the foundations of Christianity! This study deals with two questions: (1) Why was Jesus resurrection necessary? and (2) What is the nature of our resurrection? This systematic biblical study will strengthen your faith to continue to serve God with all your heart!

  5. D 2 - The Reality of Eternal Punishment ( Stream | Download )
    Sets forth the reality of eternal punishment. In recent years, the majority of theologians have adopted the errors of annihilation or universalism. Nevertheless, Jesus taught that the lost will be punished eternally by God. Its not a pleasant doctrine, but it is a biblical one.

  6. D 3 - The Nature of Eternal Punishment ( Stream | Download )
    A study of the nature of eternal punishment. This will deepen your fear of God and your sense of urgency in sharing the Gospel with others.

  7. D 4 - Life in the Eternal State ( Stream | Download )
    Life in eternity with Jesus will be full of joy, glory, blessing and the presence of God.

  8. D 5 - What Must I do to be Saved ( Stream | Download )
    How do we get saved? Is it enough just to "believe." Is that really what Jesus and Paul taught? This is no small question - your eternal life is at stake!

  9. D 6 - The Basics of Water Baptism - 06-17-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    A brief teaching on the New Testament nature, meaning and method of water baptism.

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