In an age that has produced so much fluff in the name of Christian literature, we are pleased to present to you some books of substance.

We publish and print many writings on a variety of biblical and practical subjects written by Dr. Malcolm Webber, as well as books on revival that have gone out of print. In addition, one of our primary focuses is to develop leadership training materials. We hope eventually to have about 50-60 training manuals in various languages, covering all the basic areas that a leader needs to master: theological, biblical, practical, personal, family, ministry and leadership issues. By God's grace, this will be a “living curriculum” for leadership training, one that:

  • Can be used be used in many countries and cultures.
  • Will truly serve the needs of national leaders instead of merely imposing foreign ideas on them.
  • Focuses on core leadership realities, instead of becoming bogged down in minor theoretical issues.
  • Is comprehensive and systematic.
  • Balances doctrinal and theological training with spiritual and character development and practical experience.
  • Will be an inspiration and practical help to indigenous leaders as they prepare their own materials for their own contexts.

Audio Teachings

We have hundreds of audio teachings on many subjects. These are available in several forms:

Online Bookstore

All our materials are available in our secure, online bookstore. In addition to our books and manuals, we also have many teaching tapes, videos and DVDs.

Leadership Letters

This site provides informative and cutting-edge Leadership Letters on a variety of practical leadership matters.

You may also sign up for our free monthly emailing of the Leadership Letter which is sent to thousands of leaders around the world.

Previous topics include: Leadership Derailment, What Leaders Do, Understanding Change, Building Leaders, How Jesus Built Leaders, Character, Healthy Followers, Listening, Choosing Emerging Leaders, and Abusive Leaders.


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