About Us

Our History

  • Late 1980s – Malcolm and his church began working in Asia in literature ministry, evangelism and church planting
  • Late 1980s and early 1990s – also working in other nations (Central America, Africa, former Soviet Union)
  • Early-mid 1990s – after seeing the tremendous need, Malcolm began a clear refocusing on leader development as our core purpose
  • 1999 – Applied for tax exemption for Strategic Global Assistance, Inc. from IRS. Granted in September 2000
  • 1999 – Deep connection with church networks in Asia. From that time, our leader development work increased very rapidly
  • 2000 – Our first Asian staff
  • 2001 – Began leader development work in Africa
  • 2003 – Began our first Asian ConneXions Team at the initiation of the national leaders
  • 2003 – Began leader development work in the Middle East
  • 2007 – Initiated LeaderSource as a division of SGA, along with Strategic Press
  • 2007 – Began leader development work in India
  • 2011 – Began leader development work in West and Central Africa
  • 2012 – Began our first ConneXions Prototype Program in a major city in Asia

Current status of our work:

  • Ongoing leader development engagements in 30+ nations.
  • Some degree of impact in 128+ nations.
  • Our materials are translated in several dozen languages. Dr. Webber began writing in 1981. He has written over 30 books, the most popular of which is To Enjoy Him Forever, and his writings have been published in both scholarly and popular journals. His writings are read by thousands of leaders around the world every month at HealthyLeaders.com and LeadershipLetters.com.