Evangelism and discipleship are not hard for us; leader development is the biggest area of need.

The church in our nation is very different from what it was in the 70s and 80s of the last century, when some basic training and foundational material would do. Today what we need is more advanced help with greater depth. In the area of leader development, what LeaderSource is doing is meeting a great need, because it is very high-level and has great depth to it. It is helping us to know how to create our own leader development process and stand on our own feet. Its impact is deep and lasting.”

-Asian Church Leader

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Malcolm’s newest book, A Portrait of a Healthy Church: An Exposition of 1 Thessalonians, studies a key letter to a healthy biblical church, verse by verse, through the lens of the Healthy Church Model. By doing so it reveals what a healthy church is and how it is built, focusing not on techniques but on the life of the leaders and the churches they lead.

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5C Checkpoint is a holistic and wide-ranging evaluation of every aspect of a disciple or leader’s life and ministry. Join now for engagement, growth, and development with a community of peers.

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Hands-on experiences, especially in the actual day-to-day work of the church, building the community of faith as a partnership needs to be at the center of the leadership learning process. I have seen few efforts toward this goal that are more responsible to the teachings of the New Testament and more carefully modeled on the ways that Christ and the apostles used to establish strong churches than the ConneXions Model.


I love LeaderSource! Why? Because they know that leadership is all about Jesus! They don’t mess around with tips and techniques which most leadership development groups tend to do. Rather, they keenly focus on that which really matters: Being Rooted in Christ!


In our 25+ years of partnering with ministries, we have yet to come across one doing leader development as well as LeaderSource.


Our nurture of over a thousand leaders every year has been radically and significantly altered as a result of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding we have received through the LeaderSource training teams.


I praise God for Dr. Malcolm Webber and his team for transforming my life and ministry. He gave me a biblical framework for understanding Christian leadership and leader development. I have since then used the ConneXions Model of leader development as descriptive, prescriptive, and evaluative tools in the seminary, in the church and in the organization many times. I can never thank LeaderSource enough.


I started using the SpiritBuilt approach and its critical thinking ten years ago and will be using it in Chile next week. Dr. Webber’s ability to break down complex concepts and add illustrations and tools that are transferable is literally an answer to prayer. I use various sources for my leader development work in other countries, but Dr. Webber’s work is the cornerstone of all I do.


After 40 years of worldwide travel, including over 20 years of active service in the training of Persian-speaking Christians for the ministry, I wholeheartedly endorse the ConneXions Model of training by Dr. Malcolm Webber as the best model available globally


LeaderSource helped us to clearly define and understand what a healthy leader should look like and provided us with a flexible and easily implantable framework to raise up current and future leaders. We have adopted these frameworks throughout our organizational operation and language. LeaderSource has deeply influenced us as an organization and has caused us to make intelligent and purposeful leadership development part of our culture


Leader development guided by LeaderSource is built upon a strong biblical foundation of enduring and reproducible practices. Indigenous leaders may creatively adopt these readily transferable principles of learning within their culture.


From the very beginning, LeaderSource’s services have exceeded our expectations. Their materials are simple and easy to implement, and their love for Christ and people has resulted in deepened interest in developing themselves and others for the sake of our Lord. Overall, LeaderSource has been a fantastic partner that we would recommend to other organizations seeking guidance in their leader development efforts.


LeaderSource is highly respected and highly rated by those who have received their training, because those trained actually put into practice what they have learned, then successfully pass their training onto others. I have personally been changed by the ministry of LeaderSource, so I can whole-heartedly encourage others to get to know them more.


The genius of this approach is that LeaderSource has resisted every effort to make a formula or system that bypasses the need for a leader to pour his life into the ones he is training in a Spirit-led way. Too many approaches to leader development are formulaic, and neglect the need for Spirit-led application to each unique individual. Malcolm’s approach capitalizes on the strengths and unique giftings and callings that God has given to each emerging leader.


LeaderSource takes their partners through a process that equips and empowers them to build their own leaders. This is one of the best for anyone looking to take their leadership development to the next level.


The resources and programs of LeaderSource have been game-changers for me as an author and leader. While other populist materials focus on endless lists of functions we should do, author Malcolm Webber provides a vital framework that is biblical and practical. His brilliant models are scalable and transferable between cultures, lifting the lid on how many can be genuinely transformed.


The ConneXions Model provides a truly cross-cultural missions expression that is easy to contextualize within any setting. We have been using the LeaderSource model, books, and materials in over 35 countries for almost ten years. The simplicity of the model and yet the profound impact that it makes has been transformational for our leaders.


If there’s one word to describe the work of LeaderSource, it’s godly. From its mission and ministry principles to the team that’s behind LeaderSource, it’s evident that they live out what they preach and teach. The generous manner in which LeaderSource serves indigenous movements around the world is a great blessing to the global Church.


The LeaderSource seminar I attended was the most Christ-centered and comprehensive encounter with leader development I have experienced. Simple enough to adapt to the dynamic challenges of grass-roots emerging church leadership and theologically sound enough for institutions to apply at every level.


The material from LeaderSource ministry has helped us to look at the way we recruit, develop and deploy people in ministry. This is one cause I would highly recommend for senior leaders, mid-level leaders, and incoming leaders. The material applies across all levels of leadership. It doesn’t point leaders to people but to Christ.


LeaderSource has contributed significantly to our commitment to developing leaders within our organization. Malcolm Webber’s biblical depth and years of wisdom and study in leader development is invaluable. LeaderSource’s open-handed attitude to their materials makes them easily accessible and is refreshing. We are looking forward to greater partnership into the future.


LeaderSource gave me clarity on what is a healthy leader. It gave me a framework – the 5Cs and 4Ds – to incorporate into every kind of training I am engaged in: from one-on-one to large group teaching. It gave me a universal leader language.


I have no hesitation in recommending LeaderSource to help facilitate leader development programs for any organization or church network, especially those in non-Western contexts. Their ConneXions Model is highly effective in laying a good biblical foundation for emerging leaders from Asia and the Middle East, because it essentially covers all the relevant areas that need to be addressed in the making of a good Christ-centered leader.



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