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Spiritual Life - Audio Teachings by Dr. Malcolm Webber


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  1. Doing Well In The Fire

    SL 143 - Part 1 - Doing Well When Everything Is Against You: ( Stream | Download )
    Every believer goes through sufferings of many kinds. These suffering are for a purpose: to transform our lives and to bring God glory. But this transformation is not automatic. It’s how we respond that counts. It is our response to adversity that determines whether it will help us or hurt us. Sadly, probably more often than not, sufferings destroy people because of their bad responses.   But, by God’s grace, we can learn to do well in the midst of the fire. To “do well” means to respond well to suffering and actually to grow through the suffering – to find God in a deeper way and to be more conformed to the image of Christ. It’s good to endure the fire; it’s even better to endure the fire well!

    SL 143 - Part 2 - Faith: ( Stream | Download )
    The Bible teaches us that we will all go through sufferings of many kinds in this life. God allows this to prepare us for eternity. But we must respond well to the suffering. Our response determines whether the suffering helps us or destroys us.   There are four critical components of a good response to suffering. The first one is faith. The lie says, “This bad thing will never change and will only get worse.” This is unbelief and fear which, left unchecked, will destroy us. In contrast, the truth says, “God can do all things. There is nothing too hard for Him!” This is faith.   …God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” (Heb. 13:5-6)

    SL 143 - 3 Identify in Christ: ( Stream | Download )
    There are four critical components of a good response to suffering. The second component of enduring well is to know our identity in Christ. The lie says, "I have failed. I am a failure." The Truth is: "I have failed. But I am in Christ and, by His grace, I will overcome!" "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." (Romans 8:1)

    SL 143 - Part 4 - Responsibility: ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching looks at the third critical component of a good response to suffering: Responsibility. The lie says, "I can't do anything about this." But the truth says, "I may not be able to change everything, but here's what I can do about this!" You're not powerless. You are mighty in Christ! The great man or woman of God is the one who just keeps getting back up.

    SL 143 - Part 5 - Eternal Perspective: ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching looks at the fourth critical component of a good response to suffering one: Eternal Perspective. The lie says, "What just happened is huge. It is the end of the world. Things are hopeless!" But the truth says, "What just happened is bad but, in reality, it's only a small thing. It's not the end of the world. And, from the perspective of eternity, it's nothing!" Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (2 Cor. 4:16-17)

  2. SL 142 - The Preeminence of the Lord Jesus (Colossians 1:13-20) ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching looks deeply at Colossians 1:13-20, which is probably the greatest passage in the whole Bible about the Person and Preeminence of the Lord Jesus. As we go through the passage, we’ll look at Jesus, loving Him, surrendering to Him.

  3. SL 141 - What Does It Mean to Abide in Christ? ( Stream | Download )
    In John 15:1-11, Jesus shows us the central importance and the incredible power of “abiding in Christ.” It’s truly amazing. But what does it actually mean to “abide in Christ” and, practically, how do we do it?

  4. SL 140 - Its a Test! ( Stream | Download )
    Before God brings us into a new place of power, opportunity, effectiveness and fruitfulness, He often tests us. He did that with Peter, with Job and with many others in the Bible. He did that with His own Son, the Lord Jesus! And He certainly does that with us. It’s helpful for us to know that we’re in a test so that we respond well. And the good news is that through the testing, God is preparing us for the next season in Him.

  5. SL 139 - Our Brokenness is His Opportunity ( Stream | Download )
    In our culture, we value things like: confidence, success, wealth, strength, winning. But are these the things that God values? God’s ways are not our ways. In ourselves we strive for strength and power, when God desires brokenness. This teaching looks at the nature and power of brokenness.

  6. SL 138 - The Constant Faithfulness of God - 01-06-2019 ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching looks deeply at the ways of God and His incredible faithfulness to us. God is so faithful to us. He’s always so faithful to us – especially when things seem tough!   All of us will experience deep struggles at some point in our lives when things aren’t going well – perhaps, at times, they go really badly. We wonder where God is and why He allows it.   How should we understand these struggles in view of His faithfulness? And how should we respond in these times?

  7. SL 137 - What Should We Do In Impossible Situations - 10-07-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    Have you ever noticed that life seems to be full of impossible situations? I’m sure you have. God intentionally allows this to happen to us. And He has a great purpose in doing so.   In 1 Samuel 8, Samuel appointed his sons as the next rulers over Israel. But his sons were ungodly. What should the people have done? What did the people do? And what were the results?   In Genesis 15-16, God promised Abraham and Sarah a son. But Sarah was not able to have a child. What should they have done? What did they do? And what were the results?   In Matthew 4, Jesus was hungry after 40 days of fasting and the devil came to Him tempting Him to turn the stones into bread. What could Jesus have done? What did He do? And what were the results?   What should we do in impossible situations?

  8. SL 136 - Returning to Your First Love - 09-30-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    According to Revelation 2:1-6, the Ephesian church – once a very deep and mature church – had left her first love! How does this happen and how can we prevent this? And if it has already happened in our lives, how can we return to our first love?

  9. SL 135 - Don't Give Up - Part 3 - 08-12-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    A thorough exposition of 1 Peter 4:12-19. “Do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.”

  10. SL 134 - Don't Give Up - Part 2 - 08-05-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    A thorough exposition of 1 Peter 1:3-9. In His love, God gives us incredible encouragement about our eternal future along with the privilege of following Him through the midst of refining fires now. It’s only the faith that does not run from the fire that will receive the glory.

  11. SL 133 - Don't Give Up - Part 1 - 07-29-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    A thorough exposition of 1 Peter 5:6-11. Peter was writing to encourage suffering saints. These words are very powerful and a great encouragement. A successful faith in time of trial does not succeed in removing the trial necessarily, but in bringing the believer through the trial, perfected and refined by it. This teaching is a must listen for those going through suffering!

  12. SL 132 - The ONE Question We Must Continually Ask - 07-22-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    God’s purpose in everything in your life is that you will know Him. Therefore, in everything, we should always ask this question: “Through this, how can I know God more deeply?” This is the ONE question.

  13. SL 131 - Solving The Mystery Of Unanswered Prayer - 06-24-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching continues to solve the mystery of unanswered prayer. This mystery can be solved by studying John 14 – 17 and the book of 1 John. Those who walk in union with Christ will have all their prayers answered.

  14. SL 130 - When God Does Answer All Your Prayers - 06-10-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus gave us some incredible promises in John 14:13-14, 15:7, 15:16 and 16:24 that God will answer all our prayers. But how should we understand these promises? So much teaching on prayer revolves around how to pray so that our prayers are effective, and we end up with a list of techniques on how to pray so we can get things from God. Was that Jesus’ intention?  (NOTE: At 23-1/2 minutes into this teaching, we have placed 3 seconds of silence to note the absence of about 6 minutes that are missing from the recording.)

  15. SL 129 - Why God Doesn't Answer Your Prayers - 06-03-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    There are many promises in the Bible that God will answer your prayers. However, there are quite likely times in your life experience when it didn’t seem like it! Why didn’t He answer? Here are four Biblical reasons.

  16. SL128 - The Cross and the Resurrection - for Jesus and for You - 2018-04-01 ( Stream | Download )
    A verse-by-verse study of Psalm 22. Even though it looks like God has abandoned you, He has not. He is with you and will carry you through to the end. Don't give up!

  17. SL127 -The Prayer Of A Righteous Person Is Powerful And Effective 2-25-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    Powerful and effective prayer is not a ritual and it is more than positive desire. Jesus continually went to His Father - all the time pulling back and praying. This was not just because He enjoyed prayer - it was because He needed to pray. How much more do we! The measure of what's happening spiritually in our lives now is closely connected to the depth of prayer in our lives. If we will be a praying people, we will see our cities and nations impacted!

  18. SL126 What To Do in Times of Suffering, Pressure and Opportunity 2-18-2018 ( Stream | Download )
    How did Jesus respond to suffering, pressure and opportunity? His response was always the same. Always! We should respond the same way.

  19. SL 125 - Faith for Opportunity - 12-31-2017 ( Stream | Download )
    Real faith trusts God in the midst of the contradictions of this life. And real faith not only endures the contradictions - it thrives in the midst of the struggles and pursues the opportunities of God! Together, let's honestly reflect on the pain and struggles of the past. But we won't be overwhelmed by them. Together we will push into the opportunities that God has prepared for us in the future!

  20. SL 124 - Faith for Contradictions - 12-17-2017 ( Stream | Download )
    God loves us with an everlasting love and He has promised to care for us. He is infinitely powerful so He's certainly able to do that. And yet we suffer in this life. This is such a contradiction! How do we understand it? We need real faith.

  21. SL 123 - Where are The Nine? - 11-26-2017 ( Stream | Download )
    "Ingratitude is worse than revenge. Revenge is doing bad for bad. Ingratitude is doing bad for good." If you want to destroy any relationship, then focus on what's wrong. Correct, criticize, point out the flaws. If you want to build any relationship, then focus on what's right. Affirm, encourage, support, be grateful, share thankfulness.

  22. SL 122 - You May Ask Me For Anything ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching takes a close look at Jesus' promise in John 14:13-14: "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." What does this passage mean? The teaching also looks at the popular idea of "Logos-Rhema" as well as the "faith teaching" that if you meet the conditions, God will always answer your prayer.

  23. SL 121-2 What Is True Faith? Hebrews 11 ( Stream | Download )
    Hebrews 11 corrects the popular understanding of "faith" and shows us the nature of true faith. First, true faith is "broad," embracing not only the blessings of God, but also the sufferings He allows. Second it is "long," primarily focusing on eternity, not on this life. This kind of faith is indestructible!

  24. SL 121-1 - What Is True Faith? Psalm 73 ( Stream | Download )
    Psalm 73 shows us the right way to respond to sufferings of every kind. We must do two things: we must look at God and look at eternity. Then we will overcome anything!

  25. SL 120 - The Woman At The Well - Part 2 ( Stream | Download )
    What is the Gift of God that Jesus refers to? Jesus says we're to ask Him for this Gift. And it never runs out. This gift is life! This Gift is the core of the Christian life. This Gift is our purpose, our everything, our meaning.

  26. SL 119 - The Woman At The Well - Part 1 ( Stream | Download )
    Through His interactions with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus shows us what true ministry looks like. And it's radical!

  27. SL 118 - Jesus' Response to Hardship and Danger (John 11:1-16) ( Stream | Download )
    In spite of the fact that He knew the Jewish leaders were trying to kill Him, Jesus walked fearlessly into the very midst of danger. He knew He was in the will of His Father; He knew He was untouchable!

  28. SL 117 - Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-20) ( Stream | Download )
    We respond with human energy and with human wisdom to human need. Jesus responded, always, with the Father's energy and with the Father's wisdom to the Father's will! That's why we often fail. And that's why Jesus was always perfectly successful.

  29. SL116 - Knowing God

    SL116-1 - Union With Christ: ( Stream | Download )

    SL116-2 - Union With Christ, Together: ( Stream | Download )

  30. SL 115 - The Holy Spirit is the Same Yesterday and Today and Forever ( Stream | Download )
    Are the supernatural gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit for today? And, if they are, what do we do about the imbalances and excesses that are so common in the church?

  31. SL 114 - The Meaning of Fellowship with God ( Stream | Download )
    Union with Christ is the Source of everything. Fellowship with God is the Source of everything in our lives and ministries. But what does that look like, practically, in our daily lives?

  32. SL 113 - Led by the Spirit into the Wilderness ( Stream | Download )
    Before Jesus began His ministry, the Holy Spirit led Him into the desert.These are the ways of God. There is no other path to true spiritual maturity. But, thankfully, the desert is not the end!

  33. SL 112 - Why do People Suffer? ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching presents a systematic model of suffering from the Scriptures:  the six kinds of suffering. This also includes a study of the sufferings of  the righteous when there is no apparent reason.

  34. SL 111 - Jesus Is Your God! - Part 2 ( Stream | Download )
    A dramatic revelation of the Son of God in Job 38 - 42 perfectly resolvesevery question without directly answering any of them!

  35. SL 110 - Jesus Is Your God! - Part 1 ( Stream | Download )
    An exposition of Colossians 1:15-20 - perhaps the greatest revelation in the Scriptures of the absolute Deity and Lordship of Jesus.

  36. SL 109 - The Power of the Wilderness ( Stream | Download )
    The desert provides profound opportunities for us to grow. Our motives are purified. Our inward lives are revealed. We become more truly dependent on God. And we cry for Him!

  37. SL108 - Jesus and The Woman At The Well - Part 2 ( Stream | Download )
    In John 4, Jesus shows us the nature of true ministry. In the context of her deep need, Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit and interacted with her as she responded. The result was the transformation of her life and community, and, in the end, the strategic reaching of an entire people.

  38. SL107 - Jesus And The Woman At The Well - Part 1 ( Stream | Download )
    In Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well, we see the dealings of God. God tests us in a variety of ways and, depending on our response, brings us into a deeper revelation of Himself. In particular, how we respond to opportunities for offense with God determines how deep we go with Him.

  39. SL 106 - God's Infinity ( Stream | Download )
    We cannot measure God. He is infinite. He is outside of space and time. Yet He reveals Himself to us by His Word, in His Son and by the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Our responses to His infinity should be faith, surrender, wisdom, the fear of God, and worship!

  40. SL 105 - Jesus' Second and Third Temptations ( Stream | Download )
    The Holy Spirit leads us into the wilderness to help us face our own insecurities and ambitions. He goes right to heart of true life out of security in Christ, and He goes right to the heart of true worship, of true service, of true purpose. He calls us to know God.

  41. SL 104 - Jesus' First Temptation ( Stream | Download )
    We don't like hunger. We're threatened by our own weakness. So we do everything we can to stay in control and to fix the problems we face.  Dependency on God does not come naturally to us. This is why God brings us into the wilderness: to learn that He is our life, apart from Him we can do nothing.

  42. SL 103 - Waiting On God ( Stream | Download )
    Biblically, "waiting on God" is an active spiritual exercise. It is not merely an emptying of the mind. This practical and encouraging teaching will help you build your inner union with Christ, while avoiding dangerous and unbiblical practices.

  43. SL 102 - The Path Of The Cross ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus said that He had to be rejected and suffer His cross; then He said that we also must take up our cross daily and follow Him. In the pain of the cross, there is purpose. So we must find His strengthening presence and endure. For the joy that is set before us, we must endure!

  44. SL 101 - The Work Of The Holy Spirit Today - Part 4 ( Stream | Download )
    You can grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit. You can grow in your inward capacity to hear His voice, to know His Presence; and you can also go backwards. Growth is not automatic. Some Christians go forward, many stay at much the same place all their lives, and some go backwards. This is a study of the path of growth.

  45. SL 100 - The Work Of The Holy Spirit Today - Part 3 ( Stream | Download )
    The Inward Presence of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit in our lives is not merely an unseen, unfelt, theoretical idea taken by faith, but He is a present Reality in our lives. Or, at least He can be! There is much in the New Testament about the inner, active Presence of the Holy Spirit. By His Spirit, God invites you into the eternal fellowship of the Godhead!

  46. SL 99 - The Work Of The Holy Spirit Today - Part 2 ( Stream | Download )
    A clear answer to the question: "Are the supernatural gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit for today or were they only for early church times?"

  47. SL 98 - The Work Of The Holy Spirit Today - Part 1 ( Stream | Download )
    We need the work of the Holy Spirit today because apart from union with Him we can accomplish nothing of any value. In many churches today, the work of the Holy Spirit is given some measure of lip service; people talk about Him, but don't expect Him to actually do anything. This is very different from the New Testament where the Holy Spirit is genuinely present and active. Similarly, today, we need the Holy Spirit for everything. How foolish we are when we neglect Him and trust in ourselves.

  48. SL 97 - The Meaning of the Cross ( Stream | Download )
    We deeply desire to be united with Jesus in His death on the cross so we can know the power of His resurrection. But do we really know what the cross means? The cross means pain, but the cross also means God's comfort. The cross means rejection, but the cross also means God's presence. The cross means death, but the cross also means life.

  49. SL 96 - Embracing the Cross ( Stream | Download )
    We must embrace the paradox of the cross - the tension between suffering and glory, between brokenness and transformation, between time and eternity. In many areas of life, we daily face this tension. We, like Jesus on the cross, must embrace it and endure. This is a powerful teaching!

  50. SL 95 - The Life That Pleases God ( Stream | Download )
    What characterizes a life that pleases God - fame, fortune, success? What does the Bible teach? Our culture stresses fame, wealth, success; yet, it's in the mundane things of our normal daily lives that we have the opportunity to truly please Him. You please God when you serve your spouse, your children, your parents, your employer, your brethren. Let the truth of God's Word set you free from the competitive striving that marks so much "ministry" today.

  51. SL 94 - True Repentance ( Stream | Download )
    A study, from Judges 10, on the nature of true repentance. False repentance tries to make deals with God; true repentance is characterized by sorrow, honesty, brokenness and actions.

  52. SL 93 - Pressure, Heat and Time ( Stream | Download )
    The formation of diamonds from carbon requires three things: extreme pressures, high temperatures and time (diamonds are formed very slowly). This is how character is formed. This is how spiritual life is molded. This is how God brings you to maturity: pressure, heat and time!

  53. SL 92 - The Goodness and Severity of God ( Stream | Download )
    We have allowed sin in our lives and yet God comes searching for us! And when we repent, our minds - and the devil - tell us that God might accept us but if He does, He will do so only grudgingly. But, in reality, God does so with joy! Our sin is a big deal; it does matter a lot. But God loves us and accepts us anyway!

  54. SL 91 - Be Strong and Courageous ( Stream | Download )
    As Israel was about to enter Canaan, God gave Joshua an exhortation to be strong and courageous. This is an important word for us today as we seek to fulfill the vision God has given us for our lives. God says to us, "I've given you the land. I've made promises to you. I've showed you my faithfulness again and again. You've seen my power. I am with you! So believe me and move forward!"

  55. SL 90 - What Is Your Vision For Your Life and Family ( Stream | Download )
    A challenge to embrace clear goals in four key areas: knowing God, loving one another, growing and serving and building, and impacting the world. Here's a plan to make your life count! Here is the plan that accompanies this teaching.

  56. SL 89 - The Two Comings of the Lord ( Stream | Download )
    As we thank God for Jesus' coming, let's not forget that His coming to the earth 2000 years ago was only His first coming to the earth. As we remember His first coming it's even more important that we remember His next coming! Jesus' return means fear, hope and encouragement.

  57. SL 88 - Resist Sin! ( Stream | Download )
    God commands us to resist sin! We must take Him seriously. We can effectively resist sin by looking at sin's awfulness, looking at the beauty of God's holiness, looking at God's faithfulness and by living in His Presence.

  58. SL 87 - Judgment in the House Of God ( Stream | Download )
    God is coming to His church with a refining fire to cleanse the sins that His people have hidden in their lives. But this is an expression of His love - that His people would be cleansed now and so not destroyed with the rest of the world in His wrath. "The time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God." Here is a prophetic word shared the same morning.

  59. SL 86 - Giving Thanks ( Stream | Download )
    We give thanks for very small things frequently. How much more should we thank God for His great gifts? This teaching also contains many testimonies from the Living Faith family.

  60. SL 85 - Faith without Deeds ( Stream | Download )
    "What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him?" Many in church today are hoping that "such faith" can indeed save them; numerous studies demonstrate that the American Church is a morally compromised Church. We are saved by faith, without works of any kind; but a true faith will always result in true works. God will not be mocked! We must repent of our mixture and compromise.

  61. SL 84 - Through the Fire ( Stream | Download )
    God uses the fire of many kinds of suffering and pressure in our lives to bring forth the image of His Son in us. The key question of this life is, "Will you go through the fire?" He is with you to strengthen you, so you can endure. But you must rely on Him.

  62. SL 83 - The Essence of the Christian Life ( Stream | Download )
    The heart of Christian reality is to love God (and, therefore, to obey Him) and to love one another (not just in word, but in deed). And that's about it!  NOTE: This teaching was given on June 4, 2006 (6-6-2006)

  63. SL 82 - Hypocrisy, The Leaven of The Pharisees, Beware!

    1. SL 82-1 - Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees!: ( Stream | Download )
    The first in a series, this teaching studies Matthew 23.

    2. SL 82-2 - Three Kinds of Legalism: ( Stream | Download )
    A study of the three kinds of legalism: (a) we must keep the law to be saved by God, (b) we are saved by faith but we must keep the law to go deeper with God, and (c) we must keep the law to be accepted by men.

    3. SL 82-3 - Secret Sin: ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching deals with secret sin; in particular, pornography.

    4. SL 82-4 - Victory Over Secret Sin: ( Stream | Download )
    How to get victory over secret sin!

    5. SL 82-5 - Self-Righteousness: ( Stream | Download )
    Deals with self-righteousness. Abel came before God with brokenness of heart, with confession of sin, and with blood. He trusted that God would accept him, not on the basis of his own works, but on the basis of the blood of a substitute. Cain came before God apparently with no confession of sin, no brokenness, but instead with pride and self-righteousness, disregarding the divine way, bringing his own works - and honestly expecting that God would accept him on the basis of his own works! How are you approaching God?

    6. SL 82-6 - Stubborn Imbalance - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )
    Deals with stubborn imbalance. The Pharisees made a big deal out of "lesser important" passages while neglecting "more important" passages. To have a proper balance, we must recognize that our doctrines have varying degrees of significance and of authority, and we should not burn someone at the stake because they disagree with our traditions and speculations!

    7. SL 82-7 - Stubborn Imbalance - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )
    Again dealing with stubborn imbalance, especially related to church unity. The essence of unity in the church is not absolute conformity on minor issues but a heart commitment to love and serve one another as to the Lord Himself.

    8. SL 82-8 - Intentional Blindness: ( Stream | Download )
    A study of the Pharisees' (and, from Numbers 22, Balaam's) stubborn refusal to submit to the Truth, even when it was clearly revealed to them. The Pharisees and Balaam are extreme cases; nevertheles, this is a tendency in all of us!

  64. SL 81 - Willing to Believe, Willing to Suffer ( Stream | Download )
    A study of Mary's faith. Being the mother of the Son of God did not guarantee a life of ease, free from suffering and pain. Mary's faith embraced the impossible, pursuing the vision from God, and also embraced the price that came with that vision. This is biblical faith.

  65. SL 80 - Struggle for More of God! ( Stream | Download )
    God calls us to a greater struggle for a deeper foundation in Him that we may have a greater love one for another and a greater impact in our community and in the nations. The violent take the Kingdom of God by force!

  66. SL 79 - Savior and Lord ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus came not only to be Savior, but to be Lord!

  67. SL 78 - Use Your Faith! ( Stream | Download )
    We face great opportunities with many adversaries (1 Cor. 16:9). The only way we can overcome the adversaries and go through the doors of opportunity successfully will be through the power of God - by faith. And the only way we will grow in faith is by using the faith that we already have.

  68. SL 75 - Why You Need the Baptism in the Holy Spirit ( Stream | Download )
    The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a second experience after the new birth that gives the believer a wonderful empowering for ministry. Jesus, Himself, did not begin His ministry until He had received this empowering, and He told His disciples not to as well. This teaching is an extensive study of the many specific reasons why we need the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

  69. SL 74 - My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? ( Stream | Download )
    A study of Psalm 22. Even though it may look like God has abandoned you, He has not. And He will, in the end, deliver you!

  70. SL 73 - Job's Complaint & God's Response ( Stream | Download )
    A study of the book of Job; his complaint, God's response and what that means for us. We must trust God, even when the righteous suffer, and even when there are no answers!

  71. SL 72 - Complaining ( Stream | Download )
    (NOTE: The first 3 minutes are poor audio quality)     We complain when we don't get our way. Complaining is an outward expression of an unsubmitted, self-centered, self-pitying heart . Moreover, complaining is a subtle way of avoiding responsibility by putting the blame on someone or something else. How can we stop doing this?

  72. SL 71 - Why God Comes ( Stream | Download )
    God comes in genuine revival, because we pray and ask Him to come, cleansing ourselves from sin.

  73. SL 70 - The Jealousy of God ( Stream | Download )
    God is jealous over His bride – jealous for our heart, for our affections, for our love, for our time.

  74. SL 68 - What is a Waste ( Stream | Download )
    The true waste is when our lives are poured out not on Him, but on seeking the wealth of this life.

  75. SL 67 - Pressing on Toward the Goal ( Stream | Download )
    There is enough power of God available to you to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil that attack you. There is enough power in your heart, in your life – by the Spirit of God who is in you – if you will properly find this power.

  76. SL 66 - Sitting or Serving ( Stream | Download )
    We must not try to serve God in ways of our own choosing and planning and then ask Him to bless us in that work. Instead we must sit at His feet with our ministry, our strategy, our labors coming forth from life – His life, His presence.

  77. SL 65 - It's Better to Give Than to Receive ( Stream | Download )
    We should love our enemies, and give expecting nothing in return.

  78. SL 64 - Responding to the Word of God ( Stream | Download )
    Few of those who hear the Word of God actually follow Jesus. Fewer still follow Him closely.

  79. SL 63 - Looking at Eternity ( Stream | Download )
    There is a fundamental contrast between seeking an earthy prosperity and seeking an eternal prosperity. We’re strangers in this world. This is not our home. The man who is living as a citizen of heaven will make decisions based on the effect they will have for eternity.

  80. SL 62 - Strengthen What is Weak ( Stream | Download )
    We live in dangerous times. God is calling us to identify the weak areas in our lives, our families and our churches and to strengthen them.

  81. SL 61 - The Christian's Bread ( Stream | Download )
    What is your bread? What are you feeding on? What is your spiritual food? What is the center point of your life? Many Christians are excited about Jesus’ works and His promises, and they are emotionally touched, but they have not submitted to the deep dealings and breakings of God.

  82. SL 60 - God's Unconditional Love
    If we understand God’s unconditional love as being a simple blanket acceptance of us, we do not have a biblical perspective. True love produces actions, expectations and discipline. Moreover, God’s unconditional love is rooted in our identification in Christ. This is a powerful and much needed balance.
    1. God's Unconditional Love - Part 1: ( Stream | Download )

    2. God's Unconditional Love - Part 2: ( Stream | Download )

    3. God's Unconditional Love - Part 3: ( Stream | Download )

  83. SL 59 - From Glory to Glory ( Stream | Download )
    In spite of Paul’s teaching in 2 Cor. 3:18, many Christians do not grow from glory to glory. This teaching studies the main reason why Christians settle for less than what God has called them to.

  84. SL 58 - Freed From Sin ( Stream | Download )
    You were a slave to sin, bound by sin. Sin was your master – you had to obey. But now, in Christ you are free. If you choose to, you can still sin – but you don’t have to. That’s the difference! You are free. Free to serve God, free to know God, free to love God. Free to walk in holiness. You are free!

  85. SL 57 - Mary or Martha? ( Stream | Download )
    It's not that we should neglect the legitimate and important responsibilities. But we must put first things first in our lives. God is calling us to return to our first love - Him!

  86. SL 56 - The Agony and Glory of The Cross ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus called us to take up our cross and follow Him.  The way to glory is the path of pain and suffering.  Only in the shadow of the cross - united with Him in His death - do we truly come to know Him.

  87. SL 55 - Are You Saved? ( Stream | Download )
    A simple and basic message on what it means to be saved.  Give this to your unsaved friends and relatives.

  88. SL 54 - Endurance in Doing Good ( Stream | Download )
    Many times we feel like giving up but we must endure. Eternity beckons us - its glories await us. Don't give up!

  89. SL 53 - Fan the Flame in Your heart ( Stream | Download )
    A call to whole-hearted seeking and serving of God.  We must return to our first love!

  90. SL 52 - Jesus' Fellowship With His Father ( Stream | Download )
    During His earthly life and ministry, Jesus' relationship with His Father continued the same way it always had from eternity.  This is a powerful example for us! (Note: Audio quality is lacking)

  91. SL 51 - The Nature of God and The Christian Life ( Stream | Download )
    The Chrisatian life is based on God's eternal nature and is an entrance into the eternal fellowship of the Godhead.

  92. SL 50 - Our Ultimate Calling in Christ ( Stream | Download )
    We are called to be His dwelling place and to be filled with all His fullness!  What kind of life is worthy of such a calling?  This is a revelation of true spirituality.

  93. SL 49 - The Power of The Apology ( Stream | Download )
    There is one thing that Jesus did that we should not imitate: He never apologized!  But, we need to apologize and there is great power in doing it.

  94. SL 48 - The Spiritual Power of Thanksgiving ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching looks at the spiritual power of thankful affirmation from the mouth of a leader or spiritual father.

  95. SL 47 - Faithful Witnesses, Faithful Martyrs ( Stream | Download )
    To be a faithful "witness" means to be willing to be a martyr for Jesus.

  96. SL 46 - Suffering, The Path to His Glory ( Stream | Download )
    God has called us to union with Jesus in His sufferings as well as in His resurrection. This teaching shares the meaning of our sufferings and how to properly respond to them.

  97. SL 45 - John 15; Abiding in The Vine ( Stream | Download )
    Thoughts from John 15 regarding our union with God.

  98. SL 44 - John 14; Our Union With Christ ( Stream | Download )
    Thoughts from John 14 regarding our union with God.

  99. SL 43 - A Challenge for a New Millenium ( Stream | Download )
    Will we take up the challenge and embrace the disciplines of the Christian Llife?

  100. SL 42 - Why Did Jesus Come ( Stream | Download )
    Did Jesus only come to save man, or did He have another purpose as well?

  101. SL 41 - The Transformational Work of The Holy Spirit in Your Life ( Stream | Download )
    A simple but powerful model of personal spiritual growth is presented in this teaching.

  102. SL 40 - A Fountain of Water ( Stream | Download )
    His life is a fountain of living water springing up in your life.

  103. SL 39 - What To Do With Waves ( Stream | Download )
    How to understand and respond to the waves of adversity and trial in this life.

  104. SL 38 - The Middle Miles ( Stream | Download )
    The Christian life is a journey. We must endure the hard times as well as enjoy the good. We must persist with God.

  105. SL 37 - The Path to Spiritual Maturity ( Stream | Download )
    Suffering is the way to true spiritual maturity.

  106. SL 36 - The One Thing That Matters ( Stream | Download )
    The one thing that matters is that we behold Him - that we live in his Presence.

  107. SL 35 - Thirsting for God in the Wilderness ( Stream | Download )
    When we are in the wilderness, we thirst for God alone.

  108. SL 34 - The Valley Of Dry Bones ( Stream | Download )
    God cannot use us until we become as dry bones - utterly dependent upon Him.

  109. SL 33 - What Happens When a Little Child Dies? ( Stream | Download )
    A difficult question addressed from the Scriptures. Sets forth a powerful truth regarding household salvation.

  110. SL 32 - The Death of a Saint ( Stream | Download )
    Message given after the tragic death of a godly teenager. (Note: There are brief areas throughout the recording that are not at current quality)

  111. SL 31 - Looking at the Face of Jesus ( Stream | Download )
    In His presence we find reality and our priorities are set right.

  112. SL 30 - Strike Your Arrows ( Stream | Download )
    God is challenging us; will we violently pursue all He has given us?

  113. SL 29 - The Love of God
    God's love is revealed in nature, in the creation of the world and man, and in the cross of Jesus.
    1. God is Love (SL 29 - 1): ( Stream | Download )

    2. God's Love Revealed In Creation Of The World (SL 29 -2): ( Stream | Download )

    3. God's Love Revealed In Creation Of Man (SL 29 - 3): ( Stream | Download )

    4. God's Love Revealed In Creation Of Man In God's Image (SL29 - 4): ( Stream | Download )

    5. God's Love Revealed In Creation Of Man For Community (SL 29 - 5): ( Stream | Download )

    6. God's Love Revealed In Creation Of Man For Divine Fellowship(SL29 - 6): ( Stream | Download )

    7. God's Love Revealed In The Gift Of The Holy Spirit (SL 29 - 7): ( Stream | Download )

  114. SL 28 - The Love of God in The Cross ( Stream | Download )
    There is no greater revelation, nor proof, of God's love for you than Jesus' death on the cross.  Nothing can separate you from love like that!  (Note: The first 2-1/2 minutes of this recording are not at current quality.  Please listen through this section because of the total content of this teaching.)

  115. The Presence Of God

    SL 22 - Our Highest Calling is to Know Him - Presence Part 1: ( Stream | Download )
    There are levels of experience of God's presence. God has called us to deeply know Him.

    SL 23 - The Divine Nature Is Fellowship - Presence Part 2: ( Stream | Download )
    An incredible revelation from eternity. What was God doing before the foundation of the world? The answer will change your life!

    SL 24 - Living By the Life of the Son of God - Presence Part 3: ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus lived in continual fellowship with His Father, and from that life He lived and ministered. We are called to the same thing: to live and minister by His life.

    SL 25 - There I Will Meet With You - Presence Part 4: ( Stream | Download )
    We meet with God only at His appointed place: inside the torn veil, at the blood.

    SL 26 - Beholding Jesus - Presence Part 5: ( Stream | Download )
    Only as we behold Him are we transformed. The presence of the Lord is what we need.

    SL 27 - Wrestling with God - Presence Part 6: ( Stream | Download )
    Like Jacob, we spend our lives wrestling with God for His blessing; but God is wrestling with us for our transformation and preparation for eternity.

  116. SL 21 - Unplugging the Rivers ( Stream | Download )
    This teaching is life-changing! A study of life in the Spirit, in fellowship with God.

  117. SL 19 - Justified in Christ
    A systematic study of the reality of God's gift of righteousness; as a free gift God sees you as righteous as He is!
    1. How Could God Save Sinful Man? (SL 19 - 1): ( Stream | Download )

    2. The Righteousness of God in Christ (SL 19 - 2): ( Stream | Download )

    3. The Basis of Our Justification (SL 19 - 3): ( Stream | Download )

    4. Eternal Rewards (SL 19 - 4): ( Stream | Download )

    5. Divine Chastisement (SL 19 - 5): ( Stream | Download )

    6. The Instrument of Justification (SL19 - 6): ( Stream | Download )

    7. Relationship of Faith to Works (SL 19 - 7): ( Stream | Download )

    8. The Results of Justification - Part 1 (SL 19 - 8): ( Stream | Download )

    9. The Results of Justification - Part 2 (SL 19 - 9): ( Stream | Download )

    10. The Results of Justification - Part 3 (SL 19 - 10): ( Stream | Download )

  118. SL 18 - New Life in Christ
    This is a systematic study of the power of the new birth: in Christ you are changed!
    1. The New Birth (SL 18 - 1): ( Stream | Download )

    2. The Effects of the New Birth - 1 (SL 18 - 2): ( Stream | Download )

    3. The Effects of the New Birth - 2 (SL 18 - 3): ( Stream | Download )

    4. The Effects of the New Birth - 3 (SL 18 - 4): ( Stream | Download )

    5. The Effects of the New Birth - 4 (SL 18 - 5): ( Stream | Download )

    6. The Effects of the New Birth - 5 (SL 18 - 6): ( Stream | Download )

  119. SL 17 - Turning The Hearts Of The Fathers To Their Children ( Stream | Download )
    God is calling men to return to their place of servant leadership in the home.

  120. SL 16 - The Balanced Life
    We have so many demands on our time that balance must become a priority.
    1. Introduction to the Balanced Life (SL 16 - 1): ( Stream | Download )

    2. Balancing Our Natural Lives - Part 1 (SL 16 - 2): ( Stream | Download )

    3. Balancing Our Natural Lives - Part 2 (SL 16 - 3): ( Stream | Download )

    4. Balancing Our Spiritual Lives - Part 1 (SL 16 - 4): ( Stream | Download )

    5. Balancing Our Spiritual Lives - Part 2 (SL 16 - 5): ( Stream | Download )

    6. Balancing Our Time (SL 16 - 6): ( Stream | Download )

  121. SL 15 - Meditating in The Word of God ( Stream | Download )
    As we meditate in the Word, God will give us success.

  122. SL 14 - The Ministry of The Word ( Stream | Download )
    The ministry of the Word of God strengthens us to live a victorious christian life.  (Note: There are sections of poor audio in this teaching due to physical damage to the original tape recording.)

  123. SL 13 - The Baptism in the Holy Spirit ( Stream | Download )
    Comprehensive teaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

  124. SL 11 - Developing a Daily Devotional Life ( Stream | Download )
    There are two pains in life: the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.

  125. SL 10 - Spiritual Rest
    A discussion about the desperately needed principle of the Sabbath rest.
    Part 1 (SL 10 - 1): ( Stream | Download )

    Part 2 (SL 10 - 2): ( Stream | Download )

  126. SL 9 - Gifting and Character ( Stream | Download )
    Character without gifting leads to ineffectiveness, but gifting without character leads to catastrophe.

  127. SL 8 - Breaking Out of Our Comfort Zones ( Stream | Download )
    God is shaking us out of the comfortable and into the radical!

  128. SL 7 - Showing His Death ( Stream | Download )
    An explicit description of Jesus' sufferings and death; the greatest revelation of God's love for you.

  129. SL 6 - Returning to Your First Love ( Stream | Download )
    Are you walking in the same simplicity, the same love for Jesus, the same presence of God you once knew?

  130. SL 5 - Divine Preparation ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus' preparation for ministry was His daily walk with His Father; so is ours.

  131. SL 4 - Why Was This Waste Made? ( Stream | Download )
    Jesus calls us to extravagantly waste our lives on Him. (Note:  The first 2 minutes are poor audio quality.)

  132. SL 3 - The Veil Has Been Rent ( Stream | Download )
    Through Jesus' death the veil has been rent and we are invited to enter into the Holy of Holies and to deeply know God.

  133. SL 2 - The Well of Living Water ( Stream | Download )
    Knowing God IS our well of Living Water!

  134. SL 1 - That We May Know Him ( Stream | Download )
    There is only one thing that matters in our lives: that we behold Him!

  135. Union with Christ ( Stream | Download )
    Union with Christ is the core reality of Christian leadership. Everything in our lives and ministries must come from our inward union with Him.

  136. The 4D Model of Leader Development ( Stream | Download )
    An introduction to the 4D model of leader development that gives a clear path to life transformation and leader development.

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